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This page includes some of the most common market segments seeking CPR, First Aid, and other First Response training. By learning the interests and behaviors of these groups, you will know exactly what to include in your marketing message to reach as many new and returning first responders as possible. Use this information when creating the words and imagery that you use to speak to your First Response community.

First Responders Value


The Next Step

Now that you know more information about the groups which commonly take First Response courses, you can use it to create content that will speak directly to those groups. Try out some of the examples below.

  • Share pictures that show parents using a pediatric manikin together
  • Write a blog post about a CPR success story from someone in one of these key groups
  • Add words such as “reduce liability” and “increase workplace safety” when targeting businesses
  • Take a video (even a cell phone video will do!) showing classes taking place in a gym
  • Send a newsletter that addresses common rescue fears and how proper training mitigates them
  • Create ads that target key demographics such as expecting parents or construction workers