How SDI’s Marketing Department Can Help You

Do you need some help marketing your business? You’ve come to the right place. Here at SDI we are only successful if you are. We have an abundance of resources to help you and your business grow. We highly encourage you to take advantage of all we offer. Listed below is a sampling of how we can help your business get noticed.

Business Resource Library

We have a specific section on our website dedicated to the most recent and impactful dive training and dive business content and information. You’ll always be ahead of the game by checking in to our Business Resource Library.

Member Resources (log into our website to access)

You’re a part of our family and we want you to feel like it. That’s why we’ve created resources just for you to promote your SDI courses. Here you’ll find logos, flyers, videos graphics and more all for you to use as you please. We set you up for success from the start.

Write for our blog and get noticed

Want to get your name out there? Write articles for our blog: this gives you more exposure and helps your position yourself as a scuba professional. Look at our Author lineup. This is a simple way to gain more exposure because our blog posts are sent to over 100,000 subscribers every single month. Sounds cool, right?  Find out how to write for us > 

Use our blog and get more exposure by sharing

We are constantly posting new content on our blog. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this. You can get a good feel for how to share blog posts by looking at our Facebook pages. Then head over to the blog of your choice and copy the link into a new Facebook post, write a little description or caption about the article and publish it to your channels.

Website Audit

It’s no secret that having a website is crucial to doing business. How well does your website perform? Could it use a few small tweaks to bring you more business? Let us look at it and perform a Website Audit to give your website the boost it needs. 

Social Media


Follow our lead: Not sure what to post? Take a look at one of our Facebook or Instagram pages for inspiration. You’ll notice we have themed days on Instagram and post a lot of articles and general posts from other pages on Facebook. Think about how you can do the same on your own pages.


Tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook use @SDIdivers or @TDIdivers on Instagram use #SDIdivers or #TDIdivers. This gives us permission to share your photos with photo credit to increase your exposure on social media.


Video is the new way to get noticed on social media! We have a channel filled with content made for you to share. Don’t worry about constantly creating your own, we’ve done the work for you! Check out our YouTube Channel to find promotional, educational, and agency-specific videos to help you market to your audience.

Got a Marketing Question? Call us: 888.778.9073

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