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We don’t have an app for that, we have a solution!

Me-Learning: eLearning that fits me.

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Learn to dive with Me-Learning. An innovation to SDI/TDI/ERDI eLearning platform that works on mobile and tablet devices.  | See a list of courses »

Houston, we have a problem… But now it’s fixed! Imagine signing up for your Open Water Diver Course, or any SDI/TDI/ERDI training course from a tablet while sipping your morning coffee, knocking out a few more chapters later that day at work on your desktop, and wrapping up the final chapter and exam on your smartphone as you take the train home. That’s Me-Learning, mobile learning that fits you.

At SDI/TDI/ERDI, we feel that divers deserve this convenience, so we’ve re-designed our eLearning suite to be completely mobile and tablet compatible.

Many dive training agencies offer eLearning and some even have mobile apps, but these are usually targeted to one specific platform, have long download times and may experience interruptions/error messages. Instead of having an unresponsive design, or creating a native app with device limitations, we re-engineered our eLearning to work seamlessly on all devices and all operating systems. This results in online training available on any device.

It is our forward thinking and responsiveness to our customers that keeps us proudly ahead of the competition. So guess what… don’t need an app for that!

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“Try it out” is SDI Open Water Diver Demo from eLearning. We have opened up the first two chapters for you to test drive it on your device, and share with your friends.

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