Now Hiring: Global ITI Representative

Global ITI Representative located in Oceania/SE Asia/Philippines region

International Training (TDI, SDI, ERDI, PFI, and First Response Training International) is growing its Business Development team and looking for people who are passionate about helping dive facilities and dive professionals be successful as a Global ITI Representative.

As a Global ITI Representative, you will work directly with the ITI World Headquarters Business Development team and our Regional Representatives to help take International Training to the next level by expanding our brand in the Oceania, SE Asia, and Philippine regions.  You’ll spend lots of time communicating directly with dive centers, resorts and dive professionals presenting our programs, products, and services that ITI has to offer as well as assisting our professional members to grow.


Your objective will be to grow the overall presence of the International Training family of organizations by following the company yearly goals to increase brand awareness, demand, and market position. You will be asked to:

  • Work directly with HQ Business Development to grow business.
  • Work alongside regional offices and within the assigned territories to develop new leads.
  • Assist HQ Business Development with territory plan for growth dictated by current yearly objectives.
  • Assist with crossovers for all professional levels of International Training, (DM, AI, Instructor, IT) as needed in the region
  • Travel with selected regional offices or within territories to gain and solidify business.
  • Frequent (monthly/quarterly) communication with accounts in region.
  • Attend trade/consumer shows.
  • Identify potential clients/current non-ITI members.
  • Work with marketing counterparts at HQ and in region to promote brand awareness and increase visibility.
  • Participate in weekly call with International Business Development team to review present progress and ongoing status.
  • Coordinate with multiple departments regarding territory communication/understanding of new products, procedures, and updates.
  • Adheres to company policies and procedures while maintaining professional demeanor.


  • Multiple years of experience in sales.
  • Think outside of the box.
  • Experience with CRM.
  • Understand the concept of ROI.
  • Knowledge of diving techniques and education.
  • Knowledge of SDI/TDI/ERDI/PFI/First Response Training products and materials.
  • Ability to multitask and organize.
  • Ability to interact and cooperate as part of a dynamic team.
  • Ability to interact and communicate with customers of varying cultural backgrounds.
  • Multilingual, while not required, is considered an asset.
  • Ability and willingness to travel
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office products, including Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Ability and willingness to learn proprietary software, as needed

Next Steps:

If you have what it takes for this challenging position and want to join an innovative and growing training agency, then we want to hear from you!

Our Hiring Process:

We have a more thorough hiring process than most businesses.  This is because we believe that the cost of a mis-hire is enormous for both an individual and a company.  Our process consists of a couple of interviews, an analysis of your career history, and final reference checks.  We respect your time and appreciate your participation in our process.  We want you to find the ideal position for your skillset and strengths.

This position reports to:  Vice President
Department:  Business Development
Apply to:
Location:  Oceania/SE Asia/Philippines region

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