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Amidst the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, we want to help you, our dive centers, encourage your past and potential customers to

That’s why we are providing FREE eLearning codes for our Scuba Discovery, Snorkeler, and Inactive Diver courses to all SDI Dive Centers. We want to empower our Dive Centers, and help you get your customers ready for a social summer, while they are stuck inside practicing social distancing.

  • Here’s the deal

    We know times are rough, so we are providing Scuba Discovery, Snorkeler, and Inactive Diver eLearning Codes to Dive Centers for free. By offering these courses to past customers and their family and friends, you should be able to drum up some business while most of the world is in quarantine. To get the codes, just contact your regional SDI representative by phone or email.

  • Everyone is stuck at home

    Millions of people are bored! Now you can give them something to do. Get them started on our eLearning courses, so when this whole thing blows over, they will be ready to visit your site and start their practical training.

  • Save money when you need it most

    We know it’s tough out there for Dive Centers. We want to make sure you are able to keep bringing in business during your time of need.

  • Bring in new business

    You can use the Snorkeler and Scuba Discovery courses to encourage your customers to get their family and friends interested in the underwater world.

  • reinvigorate past customers

    The Inactive Diver eLearning is the perfect tool to ask old customers to come diving again once all this blows over.

Why are we doing this? SDI President Brian Carney Explains here:

Ready to Take Advantage of this Offer?

Call or email your regional SDI representative today to get your codes!