Training and Travel Schedule Dema and Beyond

Dear Members,

We want to take this opportunity to tell you what we are doing over the next few months and why. As of now, The DEMA Show will be happening in Las Vegas in November of this year. International Training will be there representing our brands and supporting our membership. Our attending staff and the size of our booth will be greatly reduced, but our goal is to be there to support the industry as well as the dive professionals that attend. However, we will not be hosting a members’ update, conducting crossovers, or providing any seminars. Our focus will remain on the show floor, spending as much one-on-one time with our members as possible.

We understand the challenges that travel restrictions and other key safety issues involved will prevent many of you from being able to make it to DEMA this time around. It is precisely because of this, that we will be conducting our 2021 members’ updates virtually from different platforms around the DEMA timeframe (Nov 2nd– 10th) so we can keep you updated on all the great things we have accomplished over the course of the last year and what we have in store for you moving forward into 2022. Our virtual update will include a series of events in several languages on multiple days and time zones.

We want to stay connected with as many of you as possible and we believe this will be the best way to offer the greatest reach. If you are attending the show, please make sure to stop by the booth and spend some time with us. We miss you and want to catch up on how you have been and what you have done to succeed throughout the events of the last 18 months. Whether you are attending the show or not, do not miss our virtual members’ update. There will be some great information and other fun surprises in store.

See you soon!