The liability release informs you of the risks and allows you to assume liability. Sound complex? It’s not. Here are four tips.

One: Read.
Read the entire release thoroughly. There are a number of blanks in this form intended for you to fill out. Please direct any questions to your instructor.

If you make a mistake like putting a checkmark in the initial box, you must fill out a new form. White out or scratched out sections cannot be used even if initialed beside.

Two: Identify.
For any blank that asks for an instructor, be sure to list any and all instructors involved in your training.

Ask your SDI TDI ERDI professional for a list of all these individuals. A blank that requests the dive center should be filled in with the name of the dive center or institution through which your course is being conducted. If you’re not taking a course through a facility, you can leave this blank.

Three: Initial.
There are blanks on this form intended for your initials. A TDI liability release form requests your dive history. Be sure to consult your dive log book to be sure that it’s correct. If you encounter a blank on your form that requests a training agency, you should put one of four options: SDI, TDI, ERDI or ITI, depending on which course you’re taking.

Four: Sign.
Once you have a complete understanding of this form and every blank has been completed, a signature of understanding is requested at the bottom of the page. Another individual, who is not your instructor, must witness your signature. It’s that easy. Follow each of those four steps and your liability release forms will be complete.

Now go enjoy your course.

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