PFI Streamlines Crossover Process

Based on our experience working with and crossing over professionals from various agencies, Performance Freediving International (PFI) is now accepting administrative crossovers from SSI, NAUI, FII, and Molchanovs!

This means that if you are already a freediving instructor from one of those agencies, we want you to join our family of professional members today!

What do we have to offer and how does it benefit you as a freediving professional?

  • Unrivaled customer support – when you call or chat in on our website, you get a live person to help answer your questions immediately.
  • A Marketing Resource Center – loaded with photos, brochures, and other items to help you grow your business.
  • A modern eLearning platform – to help you educate your students, identify weaknesses in their knowledge, and allow you to structure your course to make better freedivers.
  • The highest standards – that encourage safety while still maintaining the fun and excitement of freediving.

So, what is the crossover process like?

Professionals from the agencies listed above can cross over to PFI by:

  • Submitting a completed crossover application and all required supporting documents, such as your freediver-level cards, instructor cards, student count report, CPR/First Aid, insurance, etc.
  • Completing the crossover eLearning course
  • Completing the crossover orientation via webinar or in-person with a PFI or International Training representative
  • Completing the Freediver and Intermediate Freediver eLearning courses
  • Passing a standards exam for the level(s) crossing over

*Contact our training department with any questions regarding equivalencies or requirements


PFI also accepts crossovers from other agencies. For more information on crossing over to PFI, please check out the following pages on our website:

Get started today by speaking with World HQ ( or your Regional Representative.

Don’t just read about it! Join us on Facebook Live February 10th at 3:00 EST to walk through the process step by step and have your questions answered.

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