New Medical Documents

The Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) in cooperation with the RSTC have developed a new set of medical screening documents. These documents are a welcome update from the previous documents that have been used for close to 30 years. There were many changes made besides the update of the medical questions.

The format of the Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire is completely different and in an easier to use format. 

International Training will be using the new medical documents for SDI, TDI, and ERDI, but do not worry, the old medical documents will still be accepted for the foreseeable future and are still very good at catching potential health risks. We will not be using the new or old medical questionnaire for PFI. When we released PFI, we developed, with the assistance of some very smart freediving doctors, a comprehensive and freediving specific medical screening questionnaire. We are also keeping in place our policy regarding other acceptable medicals which is outlined in this article.

The new Participant Questionnaire format is a simplified version which screens everything and more than the previous version did.

For many participants, they may only have to answer 10 questions, sign, date, and they are done. For some there may be additional questions and depending on the response, they too may be done. At the time of this release, the questionnaire is available in 21 languages.

The Physician’s Evaluation Form remained about the same with only the addition of some fields to filled in.

There were substantial changes and additions to the Diving Medical Guidance document. This is the document used for physicians that may be unfamiliar with how divers should be examined. There was so much additional information added, the document went from five to twelve pages.

We will be replacing all the previous medical documents with the new ones, you will see them appear as we replace them in the standards, online, record folders, etc. If you have any questions please contact us at or your regional office.

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