2015 Updates You Need to Know

2015 Standards and Procedures are posted live on the website!

As New Year begins, we would like to notify members and facilities the most up-to-date 2015 Standards and Procedures for SDI, TDI, and ERDI are now posted live on the website for review. In addition, all of the training updates from 2014 are posted in an easy to access location in your dive leader or facility administrator profile.

To access the 2015 Standards and Procedures after you have logged into the website at https://www.tdisdi.com, select either your dive leader or facility administrator login level, and go through the following steps:

STEP 1: Select the “tools” tab…

step 1

Step 2: Select “Standards and Procedures” under the Members Tools list to access the live Standards and Procedures.

step 2

You can also select “Click here for training updates” to review over the standards changes implemented throughout 2014.

Not sure if you’re using the most up to date standards? – Take a look at the top right hand section of the page on any SDI, TDI, or ERDI standards listed. It should look like this…

version 15

See the red circled section; 15.0 notes the standards you are viewing were posted in 2015, during the first quarter. If the Standards and Procedures you are currently using list a number other than 15 – please update your teaching materials. They are available to you – for free – online!

The Standards and Procedures are also posted on our recently updated course description pages as well. For more information on how to access these new course pages – please click here.

Using the members section online – There are so many tools available to you – for free – in the Member’s Section of the site. We understand times are changing, and technology seems to quickly speed ahead, without giving us a chance to catch up…

If you ever feel this way or if you are unsure as to what tools are available on the website such as: diver registrations, accessing the live Standards and Procedures, where to find necessary forms to teach, how to utilize eLearning and more – LET US KNOW!

The Training Department actively conducts GoToMeeting or Skype sessions to demonstrate, in real time, how to use the website. You will have the ability to see our screen live as we navigate through the site. If you are interested in this, please send an e-mail to Training@tdisdi.com noting you would like to participate in a “web-tour.”

Thank you, and as always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Safe Diving,
SDI, TDI, ERDI Training and Membership Services

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