Dear Valued Member,

Wow! 25 years…it is hard to imagine how far we have come as a training organization in the last quarter of a century. From Technical Diving International’s inception in 1994, where all we did was offer simple, no-nonsense programs to those who appreciated the value in it, we have grown to a company with over 25 regional offices and 5 distinct agencies that each address a particular demand and demographic…and we are still growing.

On behalf of everyone at International Training, thank you for an excellent past 25 years. It doesn’t matter if you were with us from the beginning or just the last few years. It doesn’t matter if you focused more on recreational scuba or public safety diving. We want to thank you for being a part of our family and playing a role in our success. In order to pay it back to our members, we promise to continue offering the following:

  • CPR and 1st Aid. Launching First Response Training, the FOURTH organization to join SDI, TDI, and ERDI, to cover the demand for first aid programs that are industry compliant, is one of our greatest achievements. State-of-the-art programs with manuals and eLearning components will allow you to take your knowledge and business outside the dive industry and engage with new business and financial opportunities. FIND OUT HOW TO GET UPDATED! Contact your Regional Manager or World HQ.
  • Freediving. Because launching a FOURTH agency was not enough, we merged with PFI (Performance Freediving International) to add a FIFTH agency to our family. You asked and we delivered. People have been asking ITI to offer a freediving program and rather than try to reinvent the wheel, we teamed up with the best of the best in Freediving . Join us now in becoming a PFI Instructor. Call us to find out how.
  • New Products and Courses. Snorkeler, Scuba Discovery, and Inactive Diver are all new programs that were launched at the end of 2018 and they have taken off. These affordable programs are designed to grow your business by courting non-divers or divers that have not been fully committed to scuba just yet. Check them out and start incorporating them into your business as an extremely useful lead-generator.
  • Stability. We understand that you have plenty of great options out there for your training educational needs and there is one thing we can guarantee – stability. As a professional or business owner, you need to be selective of the organizations you choose to do business with. We aren’t tied up to investors that require us to raise our prices so they can make money first. No, you are our investors. The moment you choose to do business with us, we plan on protecting that investment.
  • Best Customer Service in the INDUSTRY. As a company of divers and dive professionals, we understand your business demands and our priority is to provide you with the service you need to ensure your success. We want to assure you that our customer service is not going to slow down and when you need us, we’ll be there.

You deserve to work with an agency that looks after your best interests and recognizes that you bring value to the organization. After 25 years, we continue to work for you.

Please take this time to renew your membership and enjoy the benefits of being an active member with the most trusted and personable dive training agency in the business. If you have already renewed, no further action is needed.

We appreciated the opportunity to earn your business in 2019 and look forward to working with you again in 2020. And don’t think for a minute that we are planning to slow down! Here’s to another wonderful 25 years of success.


Brian Carney

President and CEO

How to Renew Your Professional or Facility Membership for 2020

Be sure to take advantage of great savings by renewing online.

  1. Log into your profile and choose the appropriate membership level from the “Select login level” dropdown menu.
  2. Select the “TOOLS” tab.
  3. Select “RENEW MEMBERSHIP” or “RENEW DIVE CENTERS” under the Tools list.
  4. Follow each step:
    1. Read and accept the Membership or Facility Agreement.
    2. Verify renewal and profile information.
    3. Select renewal specials (optional).
    4. Verify billing information and click “SUBMIT RENEWAL”.

Please note: Professional members and facilities in some regions located outside of the Americas must contact their regional office to renew their membership.