By: Darren Pace

Although email is of the most archaic digital marketing tools, it is arguably the best method for engaging prospects and customers. Whether you want that engagement to drive traffic to your new offer, increase your subscriber list or send a simple thank you message, emails do it best.

#1 – Thank you emails

The simple gesture of thanks goes a long way. Remarkably, thank you emails help build trust in a way that humanizes the relationship between you and your customers.

You can write thank you emails for:

  • Welcoming and thanking new subscribers
  • Thanking for purchases
  • Thanking existing customers for doing business
  • Thanking for attending an event

#2 – Customer engagement emails

How many open water (OW) students do you have in your database? Probably more than nitrox, right? You get where I’m going…. Send a “Get nitrox certified” or an “Advance your adventure” email. Consider, perhaps, a strong Call to Action (CTA), like “Signup for my Tuesday class and get 20% off retail.”

Sort through your database and pull all of your OW divers and filter out any continuing education duplicates and send away.

#3 – Promotional emails

We all have promotions that need amplification and email is a great tool to bring that awareness. Promotional emails can be short and sweet. You might want to consider using graphics to emphasize or complement your offer. Use a free tool like Canva to help.

#4 – Newsletter emails

A good starting point is to send one newsletter every month. If you need the inspiration to develop 12 (annual) emails, go signup for newsletters from brands you like and model after their emails.

#5 – Indoctrination emails

Every new email subscriber should be sent a series of emails that are designed to introduce your brand and its mission to serve. I think a good indoctrination series would include three automated emails spread over three days.

  • Day 1 – Welcome and Thank you. Short and sweet. Make sure to mention you will be sending another email tomorrow that will take a deeper dive into what they are going to get as a subscriber. Why mention tomorrow’s email? Simple. Curiosity. Now they know you will be sending another email, so they will be on the lookout for it.
  • Day 2 – As a subscriber, this is what you are going to get. Outline everything your email community will get from your emails, such as first dibs on offers, specials, trips, classes, etc.
  • Day 3 – Best of email. Bundle all of your great stuff into one email. Have good CTA’s that encourage engagement, conversions and in-store visits. Once this third email has been sent, the subscriber should automatically be entered into your recurring email list.

#6 – Survey emails

Get the pulse of your community by asking specific questions that help you serve your customers better. Make sure you explain what’s in it for them. Maybe incentivize by offering participants the chance to be entered into a drawing to win XYZ. Google Forms is a free platform you can use to create surveys. Go have fun.


The goal of your emails is to provide value to your customers, while keeping your brand on top of their minds . It’s important to stay in touch and vary your communication. Incorporating these email examples into your marketing strategy is sure-fire way to build a community of fans that become advocates for your brand.

What emails are you sending?
Comment below and let us know.

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