In-Store Certification Card Printing: A Tutorial

By Brian Shreve

Remember back to when you first got certified as a diver. How cool it was when your C-card finally made it into your hands?  Even though typical turn-around time at HQ for card printing is 24-48 hours, mailing often adds a week or more to the time it takes for that card to make it to you or your students.  In today’s instant gratification society, you can provide that permanent C-card printed at your facility to your divers right after they complete their course.  So, how, you ask?  It’s simple!

Step 1. Purchase a card printer

International Training offers quality card printers, along with printer ribbons to keep them going.  There is an initial investment, but between reduced registration fees (up to 33% savings depending on your region) and increased customer service, the ROI far outweighs that initial cost to the facility.  You’ll also need blank certification cards appropriate for the courses you’re teaching, and blank certificates if you want to print those as well.  When you purchase the printer from us, we’ll set up your facility to enable in-store card printing.  Already own a printer? Give us a call and we’ll verify that your existing card printer works with our system (Installation fee may apply).

Step 2. Register your students online

To take advantage of in-store card printing, you’ll have to register your students online. With that system, printing the cards in-store is as simple as clicking a button. If you’re not familiar with how to do online registrations, check out this video on the process.  During the registration, you’ll need to be logged in as a Facility Administrator to use in-store card printing.  When you fill out the course information, under Shipping Method, select Print Card at Dive Center, and choose either C-Card or C-Card and Certificate for the Certification Type, as you normally would.

Step 3. Print the cards

Once you add divers and provide your payment information, the system will take you to a page where you can print cards.  That simple!  The hardest part after that is to be sure to orient the cards correctly in the printer hopper, and be sure to print the certification on the correct card.  If you’re unsure what certification goes on what card, there’s a resource here that outlines it.

In addition to new diver registrations, you can also print replacement cards for your students. There’s no additional registration fee to do so; your only cost is the blank card, leaving a high margin if you choose to charge for that service.

Interested in offering this service to your customers? Contact for more details!

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