First Response – Out with the Old, In with The New

By: Sean Harrison

In the early 2000’s we released a groundbreaking one of a kind series of first aid programs: CPROX & CPR1st. A few years later we released CPROX1stAED, following the same format as the previous two courses. These courses had two basic principles: designed for divers and kept simple and easy to remember. They served us well and provided valued training for divers around the world. We were even sent accounts of how they had saved lives. Like many things in life, things come to an end and new chapters are started.

First Response Training International Launches

In November of 2018 we released a brand-new series of CPR first aid courses, First Response Training International, still based on the same principles but with some amazing additions and advantages. The core programs are Adult, Child & Infant Emergency Care, Child & Infant Emergency Care, Workplace CPR/AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, and O2 Administration. The concept is still the same, simple materials with information delivered in a way you can remember. What’s different is, they can now be marketed to the workplace and…we have taken them online with most of the information conveyed in a video! The online courses conducted in a blended learning format (online followed up by practical) is a recipe for success.

We also included all the latest information, theory, and techniques, recommended by ILCOR. ILCOR is an international body of medical experts, so First Response Training International courses come as close as possible to be compliant with all countries. We are working on supplemental materials to address additional countries requirements and will announce them as they become available.

Why Upgrade?

So besides teaching the most up-to-date CPR and first aid courses, why upgrade your instructor qualifications to First Response Training International? Because these programs are ICLOR 2015 compliant, unlike our old programs, you can now market them outside of the diving industry. These courses are also very competitive, and in many cases better, than the competitions CPR first aid courses.  We have also included two courses: Bloodborne Pathogens and O2 Administration, that can be bolted onto any of the other courses or taught as standalone courses.

We make it easy!

The process for becoming a First Response Training International Instructor is straight forward. If you are a certified and current CPROX1stAED Instructor and have taught in the past two years, we have designed a program that covers the topics and skills not covered in CPROX1stAED as well as a few practical skills and you’re on your way. This program will also address instructors for CPR first aid programs that are not ILCOR 2015 complaint. All that is left is to complete the online provider course (no charge for the code) and a quick orientation to the new website . The new site has all the same features you’re used to and the best thing is, no new username and passwords required (if you already have an account on, we have already shifted all that over for you, so you’re ready to log in and take a peek around!  

Check out First Response Training now!

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