A Wrap-Up of Rebreather Forum 3 by TDI

If you did not have the opportunity to be at Rebreather Forum 3 this past weekend in Orlando, not to worry, a lot of great information will be trickling out over the coming months.

Some items not to be missed were:

  • The release of data from the three largest rebreather certification agencies in the world
  • Detailed presentations about scrubber duration
  • The viability of CO2 analyzers.

Many of the leading manufacturers in the world were on hand, in addition to instructors and other vendors.

Rebreather-Forum“I am excited about who we were able to share information with that will make our sport of diving safer and allow it to grow,” stated Brian Carney, President of TDI. “One of the benefits to these events is the ability to sit with other diver training organizations to share information and thoughts. This was probably the one thing I found most rewarding about the weekend.”

Brian continued by saying, “As a result of the conversations with other training agencies, there is no doubt that we will communicate more in the future for the benefit of the whole industry.”

The proceedings of the forum will be published by DAN in the coming months so anyone who missed the conference will have a chance to read what happened.

For more information please contact TDI:

Tel: 888.778.9073 | 207.729.4201
Email: Worldhq@tdisdi.com
Web: https://www.tdisdi.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TechnicalDivingInt

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