Additional Ratings with OWSDI Ratings

By Gemma Smith

Life just became even easier for those candidates becoming SDI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructors (OWDSI)! In the past, divers who successfully completed an instructor course or a crossover were issued the rating of OWSDI. This allowed them to teach a range of courses under the SDI banner, including the SDI Computer Diver course and SDI Snorkeling course. But while these two ratings were always ones that OWSDIs were automatically qualified to teach, a free upgrade from HQ needed to be applied for after their registration.

But why?

While Open Water Scuba Diving Instructors are qualified to teach a variety of courses, Assistant Instructors can also qualify to teach certain specialty ratings. Because of this, Computer Diving Instructor and Snorkelling Instructor must be listed as separate ratings so either professional level can receive the upgrade.

So what happens now?

We are always pushing to improve our systems and make life as easy as possible for our members. Now, instead of having people apply for the free upgrades to the two ratings, they are automatically included with any OWSDI registration and crossover.  So, at a minimum an OWSDI registration will be returned with 3 instructor ratings – OWSDI, Computer Diver Instructor, and Snorkeling Instructor. And fear not, this change comes with no additional costs or processes for the Instructor Trainer.

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