Appearances at 2009 Dive Shows

Throughout the year, we represent your training agency at dive shows across the nation. Some are “trade only” shows such as DEMA but this coming year, SDI and TDI are making a strong commitment to getting the message across to divers looking for continuing education and people who are interested in starting the adventure and learning to dive… We also send staff instructors and instructor trainers to shows to run Instructor updates (where local members can learn about new services, education programs and new products), Instructor Crossovers (where you can introduce any staff you have teaching programs for other agencies into SDI, TDI membership), and seminars and workshops promoting safe diving practices, dive travel, and dive business seminars. Here then is a list of shows we will be attending in 2009. Watch your email inbox and this page on our website for updates to this schedule and full details of programs scheduled to the shows.

Texas Dive Show (Houston, TX) January 24 / 25

Our World Underwater (Chicago, IL) February 20 / 22

Beneath The Sea (Secaucus, NJ) March 27 / 29

Bay Area Dive Show (San Jose, CA) April 17 / 18

Long Beach Dive Show (Long Beach, CA) May 30 / 31

Washington Dive Show (Washington, DC) September 24 / 25

DEMA Show 2009, (Orlando, FL) November 4 / 7

Florida Dive Show (Palm Beach, FL) December 6 / 7


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