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 ACT NOW: If you act now and mention you saw this in this TDI/SDI publication the $75 setup fee will be WAIVED. is proud to announce the release of their new online diver tracking/reservation system for dive shops. Owner Capt. Gary Mace said, "We are very excited about rolling out Our main goal was to make an easy to use internal and external interface, which could be customized to fit any dive shop to track customers who were diving, signing up for instruction, or planning a trip. That goal and more was achieved with"

Most dive shops today use pencil and a day planner or organizer as a reservation book to track customer reservations. This method requires a big eraser if customers need to be moved or deleted. This type of system, which has been used for years by dive shops around the world, tends to foster mistakes by loosing customer information, miss-booking reservations, or worst yet not even getting the reservation into the book to begin with. Also this one source of information has to be carried around with you everywhere so you know what you’ll be doing from one day to the next. Loosing or damage this book and you could loose all your valuable customer bookings. It’s this problem plus creating a system that was affordable to all dive shops, that Capt. Gary took on to solve and was born. has been in design for the last 2 years. Putting dive shop professionals and programmers together the main goal was to develop a system that was easy to use by creating a better way to track customer reservations while minimizing mistakes or loosing customer bookings. With a secure online internet connection the system and be accessed with any computer or Smartphone and gives you access to track your day to day business with an easy to use interface for creating, moving or coping one diver or a group of divers with the click of the mouse.

The inside management system is easy to use and features the following.

·    Easily copy, move, or delete customers reservations from one day to the next with multiple reservations

·    Internal and external on-line calendar REAL TIME

·    Assign personnel to activities: Captains, mates, instructors, or travel leader.

·    Prints roster for activity…. including a manifest for captains.

·    Customers can log in via the outside calendar to review their dive schedule and post comments/pictures

·    Groups leaders can access group list to edit customers names when they become available

·    Backup information on your system in case Internet access goes down.

·    Assign three levels of access for your staff. Each level allows different read and write privileges of the system.

 Definable Defaults within the system include:

·    Boats/Events/Training Classes/Travel

·    Activity…Dive Site, Training Class, Travel information

·    Times…Class Time / Dive Time

·    Crew…Captains, Mates, Instructors, Travel Leaders

·    Outside Calendar colors. User changeable to match your website

·    Rental Reservation Tracking System. Know who has rental equipment out and when it’s due back.

You can define multiple groups and items being rented…..Tanks, BC’s, JetSki’s, Rental Boats?.etc

Not only does the system make it easy for the dive shop owner, but is equally easy for the customers to use with the outside calendar that is included with the system. A customer can log on to change their profile, book activities with the secure connection, change group name information (if group leader), or provide comments or pictures about an activity they attended (comments or pictures have to be approved by dive shop before posted). The system also has a Captains Log feature. You can post sea conditions, visibility, and comments about past dives. This feature can also be used to blog about the recent class taken, dive trip, or travel report. This information is posted on the calendar so potential customers or existing ones can see what the dive conditions were, how much they learned in a recent training class, or how much fun they had on a recent trip. This information can also be fed to Facebook using the built in RSS fed.

The system has proven so versatile that it has also been used as a registration system for Webinar’s or any activity where you’d like to track individuals.

So how much does the system cost? It’s simple, the setup fee is a one-time charge of $75 and then the cost is based on the number of bookings you do per month. The minimum cost is $50 per month with a maximum of $200 per month. This is calculated on the number of bookings you place into the system. Say you only book 38 bookings for a single month your cost would be the minimum of $50 for that month. But if you book 362 bookings for that month then your maximum cost is $200 for that month.

For a demo or more information about how to get this affordable system working for you, you can go to and fill out our Request for Info/Demo page or contact Capt Gary at or give us a call at 305-851-2727.

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