Brian Carney’s Holiday/2010 New Year message

brian in officeI honestly cannot believe that it’s mid-December and our Marketing Department are reminding me to write to you all with best wishes for the season… What happened to summer and fall?


This year has gone fast and it has been busy. We have tried harder than ever to help members like you weather the storms that have affected our industry and just about every other segment of the economy. It has not been a completely smooth ride for any of us and we understand that for many, 2009 has been particularly tough. However, our member base has grown, we have put more products and service options at your disposal, and we have created new business opportunities in spite of the economy.


At the beginning of the year I promised you something special and looking back, I think we came through. This year we have seen growth in all our brands but especially through our Public Safety Diving agency, ERDI. We have also begun to see our “original” brand, TDI put on a surge particularly by recruiting new tech divers via the Intro-to-Tech program and build loyalty with old-salt tech divers through changes to our CCR program, new cave materials and other innovations. But, new SDI leadership materials for DM, AI, OWI, both traditional print and onLine… these have been the highlight from my standpoint and I am very proud of the improvements our development team has made to what we had going into 2009. To have completely rewritten student manuals, instructor guides, presentations and other support materials is an accomplishment. But it sets the bar high for next year. And once again, I promise you, our gift to you in 2010 will be more innovation, more bright ideas, and more opportunities for you and your business to flourish. Thank you for your support; it’s great to work for a group of people as dedicated and smart as the thousands of SDI, TDI and ERDI members around the globe.


From my family to yours, the very best wishes for the holidays. Stay safe. Be Happy. And may you have some time this season to reflect on ALL that we have to be merry about. And on a business note; let’s kick it into high gear in 2010!


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