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Our business is developing yours. That is the driving mission assigned to all departments tasked with Business Development for Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™. This group of innovative, forward looking diver education professionals fully recognizes the path to sustainable growth means assisting its current members to meet their goals and aspirations.

In light of changes in the financial outlook, you will notice a whole new level of focus and attention given to business education and services by our family of agencies. We feel this shift is part of our maturation as a company and our continued commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

While many put emphasis and pound the drum for constant growth through your entry level classes, our take on growing your profits is not as short-sighted. You know that retaining the customers you already have acquired is equally, if not more important to your long term success. Continued success in business, in challenging economic times, requires you to retain existing customers and also focus on innovative ways to recruit and motivate new divers. Think of it as a double edge sword that must be regularly sharpened; in this case the edges are retention and recruitment, and helping to keep it sharp is our job.

Having discussed the need for ongoing business assistance with our members and staff we have instituted a program to help you in the day to day challenges of running your business.

The following services are made available to all members in good standing, some fees may apply. Please visit with your Regional Manager to arrange a situational assessment and see what options are available to you.

SDI/TDI Business Series – Introduced at DEMA 2008 Las Vegas. This series of business discussions and seminars are structured to respond to the comments and current needs of our members. This business series will be scheduled throughout the USA in conjunction with many consumer dive shows. See our website for scheduled programs.

Pro Member Newsletter – Is e-mailed monthly to all members in good standing in this publication you will find ongoing business articles and a reader favorite “Divers Clicks” an analysis of what divers report to us they want!

Associate Member Newsletter – Is e-mailed to an ever growing number of certified divers, certified below the leadership level. Articles in this publication are targeted to motivate the reader to “go get wet”.

On-Line Industry Surveys – Permit us to gauge and help our members plan and strategize how to capitalize on the current business environment.

OnLine Consumer Surveys – Gives us the opportunity to communicate to our members the plans and sentiments of the end consumer, our divers.

Professional Market Analysis and Business Goal Setting for Retail Partners – Is made available in an individual and confidential basis with recommendations that are customized to the recipient. This service calls upon the extensive business expertise of an industry seasoned group of individuals. While the process is lead by a lead contact many will contribute, to maintain confidentiality only the Team leader knows the identity. Fees for this service may apply.

Regional Managers Field Visits – On going on site visit and training sessions can be arranged directly with your Regional Manager, yet another benefit of membership with our family of agencies.

We use electronic communications extensively, and we invite you to stay informed by keeping your contact information up to date. Please visit the member’s only exclusive area on our website ( regularly to make sure we have your latest contact information.

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