Captain Don’s Habitat joins the SDI Professional Development Center Family!

If you are hungering for a change in your life now you have a five-star way to do it!

Resolve to become a Scuba Diving International™ Diving Instructor then select the Habitat in Bonaire as your training destination! You will arrive there an enthusiastic diver but you’ll come home a well-trained, skilled professional ready to share the adventure and joy of scuba diving with new divers around the world.

Captain Don’s Habitat has long supported the Technical Diving International ™ (TDI™) training system with several TDI™ Instructor Trainers on board. Captain Don’s has a very well versed Diving Staff dedicated to meeting the needs of the divers so adopting the full SDI™ educational system was a natural next step for this world-class operation based in the beautiful Caribbean setting of Bonaire.

Jack Chalk, General Manager and well known and respected industry veteran had this to say about having Captain Don’s Habitat become an SDI™ and TDI™ Professional Development Center:

“Here at our resort we fully comprehend the need to adapt our business to our divers constantly changing needs and we feel no agency can better help us do so than the family of Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™. They respond to our needs in the same manner we treat our customers, professionally, courteously and with the flexibility needed to meet each diver’s individual needs. We believe we are in a position to be a major contributor as to how the future Diving Professional is developed.”

The SDI well renowned on line training system, with more than 60,000 certifications to its credit brings Captain Don’s Habitat yet another tool for convenience to offer visiting divers from Open Water courses, to Nitrox, Wreck, Navigation and Deep, all great stepping stones to the coveted SDI™ Advanced Adventures Certification.

In the early days of recreational diving, inspired by the spectacular underwater beauty of Bonaire, Captain Don Stewart set out to build a true haven for divers. His philosophy was simple; build a dive shop with rooms and provide as much freedom so guest divers can dive their own profile in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. In 1976 his dream became reality when he founded Captain Don’s Habitat. Back then it was just a cluster of bungalows built around a dive shop overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. But more importantly, some of the most pristine coral formations and a bonanza of colorful marine life were just a few fin kicks away…

Now, 30 years later, Captain Don’s Habitat has evolved into a world renowned resort catering to today’s most demanding diver, business and leisure travelers. Set amidst lush green gardens with colorful decor and landscaping we now offer the comfort of 6 deluxe varieties of accommodations, fresh water pool, great dining and entertainment options, friendly service, and of course the best house reef for diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

This move to offer the finest in diver education is a move Capt Don can be proud of continuing to maintain the resort on the industry’s cutting edge of innovation.

Their facilities have undergone an extensive expansion that is being completed as you read this article. Visit to learn more and to schedule your next adventure on the reef or in the classroom!


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