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Cis-Lunar Mk VI opens up “no bubble” diving to sport diver market         
Technical Diving International™ recently announced an agreement with Poseidon Diving Systems, to offer certification on its revolutionary Cis-Lunar Mk VI aCCR, and is offering active CCR instructors the opportunity to upgrade their teaching credentials to cover the automatic, sport-level unit. Instructor upgrades scheduled for NEC Birmingham Dive Show, and DEMA.
“The process is as simple as the unit itself is to operate,” says vice-president of training and membership services, Sean Harrison. “Any active, Closed-Circuit Rebreather instructor can attend the one-day workshop and earn his or her Discovery [Cis-Lunar Mk VI] instructor certification.”
Harrison explains that the unit is aimed at a whole new market and is quite different to ‘mainstream’ closed-circuit rebreathers.
“Poseidon’s Discovery is a remarkable design,” Harrison says. “And the design is the key to our members currently teaching CCR to be able to upgrade to teach it with a minimum of fuss.”
The Mk VI offers all the features of CCR over open-circuit – extended dive times, quiet operation, warm, humid breathing gas, and delivery of ideal gas mixes during all phases of the dive. But the real attraction of Poseidon’s Discovery CCR centers on its ease of use and automated pre-dive tests and operations. It is the simplification and automation of the unit prep and operation that will appeal to sport divers; people who have considered CCR diving but have been put off by their perception that it is complex and not worth the effort for dives within sport diving limits.
The pre-dive procedures for Poseidon’s entry into the CCR market is no more complex than preparing open-circuit gear, due to the pre-packed canister and the Mk VI’s ability to perform all pre-dive tests automatically; from checking gas volumes and loop pressure tests, to calibration of its redundant oxygen sensors. Procedures during the dive are equally simple due to automated operation and no option to “fly the rig manually.” In the unlikely event of any failures in the automated systems, the unit bails out to open-circuit mode.  
“The unit promises to bring all the benefits of CCR diving to the avid sport diver, someone who is interested in new concepts in diving but who is less focused on the technical side of things than the average CCR diver has been up to this point. We feel the Discovery will help to open up the CCR market more than any other unit on the market today.”
Harrison explains that the upgrade process that applies to Active Status TDI CCR Instructors is a three-step process:
1.       Read the manufactures manual.
2.       Provide proof of familiarization with Poseidon or from current Discovery Instructor (any agency).
a.       Orientation to include:
                                                               i.      3 hour lecture
                                                             ii.      1 hour of water time
3.       Completed TDI Instructor upgrade form
TDI will be offering upgrades through hands-on workshops to active CCR instructors and instructor-trainers at NEC Birmingham Dive Show, DEMA and other shows and special events in the coming months. For a listing and to find out more about the Poseidon Mk VI Discovery CCR, visit this link (https://www.tdisdi.com/index.php?did=311&site=1) or contact Cris Merz (cris.merz@tdisdi.com).


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