Changes to the SDI Pro Open Water Instructor Kit

By Gemma Smith

SDI prides itself on leading the way in all aspects of the dive industry. This includes trying to set an example by making a positive impact on our environment. To that end, we have recently decided to push forward with a green initiative and try and to reduce the number of paper products we produce and send out to our members. This has resulted in some positive changes for our Pro OW Instructor Kits, and hopefully positive changes for our world as well!

How is it different now then?

We have chosen to remove from the SDI Pro Open Water Instructor Kit several physical elements:

  • Open Water Instructor Guide
  • Open Water Instructor Knowledge Review
  • Rescue Instructor Guide
  • Open Water DVD
  • SDI Standards and Procedures

We are also adding the following to the kit:

  • Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor eLearning Code

All of these previously physical products have been replaced by digital versions, which are all included in our SDI Pro OW Instructor Kit on a USB stick for easy access. Even the Open Water DVD content can be found on our YouTube channel! This switch to digital has multiple benefits, not least being kinder to the environment and allowing our members to easily access and flip between any materials they may require for their teaching.  You may also notice an overall decrease in price for the kit, as well as a reduction in shipping costs due to the reduced weight.

As of now, all our Pro Open Water Instructor Kits will be shipping with digital resources, but we also understand that people learn best in different ways. For those divers who would also enjoy physical manuals in their hands, these are of course still available to be added to the kit on an à la carte basis.

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