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The Galapagos – A destination that hardly needs an introduction. But for the underwater world we all live for, it is very different than what the average tourist that goes to Galapagos will see. Yes, everyone that visits will see exotic birds and giant tortoises, which are also a wonderful reason to go. Land tours and Naturalist boats are also available upon request for you and your group. However for many, it’s the diving that keeps people going back to this magnificent destination! I have been diving Galapagos for well over 10 years and still cannot get enough of the wonders and excitement it brings to me. Though I have thousands of dives under my belt, I’m continually amazed at the Galapagos underwater world.

Here at Scuba Travel International, we have been working on a project with 2 brand new live-aboards that are state of the art. The brand new Buddy Wolf & Buddy Darwin boats will be the talk of all divers who are fortunate enough to experience these boats. All cabins are the same size, each can have the beds set up the way YOU want or need them. I often hear dive store owners selling trips run into a problem with the bedding situation. The last people to sign up are always the wrong mix for the beds on the boats. But not on these 2 new boats! Each bed can be made into one large bed or single beds, so you’ll have them just the way you need them for your group when you arrive for your charter!

Because of the concerns for Safety first, Nitrox is always FREE on these 2 new boat. So if you have divers who are interested in the live-aboards, make sure you sell them an SDI or TDI Nitrox course before they go.

Galapagos has a great bonus in store: it is a destination that can be dived all year. The waters are a little cooler than a typical tropical destination due to the different ocean currents that meet up in these waters. These currents are what bring in the huge amount of nutrients to support the lives of whales, whale sharks, Hammerheads, and many Galapagos sharks as well. This is all Natural true shark diving. No chumming or cages needed. It’s just you, the big blue waters, and tons of sharks. You can get up close and personal with the Galapagos sharks. Mostly around 10 – 14ft in length, these sharks certainly aren’t shy. Eagle Rays, Cow Nose Rays, and Mantas are common as well.

Not only can you blow your customers away with this type of diving, but it’s a great place to bond with friends, family and other divers. With the amount of excitement in these waters, your clients will be full of stories, reveling in the beauty and adventure brought by the Galapagos.

The retail price is only $4150.00 per person on these boats, and we have some incredible profit margins for the dive store owners. To book before July 19th for a special bonus on full boat charters be sure to contact us now for details. Full boats are 16 divers maximum by law. The boats will be going into the waters this September, and we have 4 spaces open on the first charter to go out September 03 -10, 2011 by Ken Scarbrough. You can sell these trips to your individual clients as well, and call us about how this works for you the store owner. You will not be disappointed!

These boats are already selling fast, so call to book your full boat or to simply book your customers into one of the dates open to individuals. Just make sure your customers understand this is not easy diving with strong currents and lots of sharks as mentioned previously. We normally like to see divers going to Galapagos that have no less than 100 ocean dives and have some experience with currents and cooler waters. You can book a full boat for this introductory rate of $1450.00 if you deposit before July 19th, 2011. We will have real pictures up as soon as we can get them. The boats are just getting painted now, so we just have a rendition at this time. But, on top of our great profits on a full boat, you can lock in this rate all the way to 2014 and pick up an extra $3100.00 bonus as an early introductory offer. Call us at STI for all the details and make sure to mention this article. We will be looking for you on board!

STI 888-778-9073 XT 300 or e-mail: travel@sditdi.com

SDI/TDI invite you to learn more about our exclusive STI services, they are not limited to the Galapagos, they can help you keep your customers happy no matter where you choose to go. Contact your Regional Manager today!

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