December Issue of Dive Log


Volume One         Issue Seven

Stay in Dive Trim this Winter… keep active and involved!

Winter for many divers means hanging up the fins except perhaps for a mid-winter vacation to someplace warm… and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that idea.
But taking a long break from diving seems like such a wasted opportunity when there are so many things to do between December and March Break that will help you become a better diver. 


The most frequently asked question – by northern divers at least – is how can I stay in shape for diving when winter rolls in? Well the simple answer is to keep diving  But for those living in or close to the snow belt, opportunities to keep diving may be a little thin on the ground.

The arrival of colder weather, does make some local dive sites harder to access. Charter boats run less frequently in “off months,” shore dives can be trickier because of winter storms, and the water at many freshwater sites get a hard coating on it

Of course, none of this stops the avid sport or technical diver.  A good drysuit, warm thermal undies, and a like-minded buddy is all they need. Lots of local dive operations also run ice diving classes, and many keep diving right through to spring.

What to expect from your TDI Training… advanced nitrox and decompression procedures


It used to be that taking a TDI nitrox class was the first step into technical diving for most divers, but things have changed. Nitrox is so part of the mainstream now that many divers get their SDI or TDI nitrox card immediately following graduation from their Open Water course. This is a great development but has helped to blur the line between sport and technical diving.


Get your picture on all your SDI and TDI C-Cards


The most common request we hear from divers just like you is: "When are you going to bring back pictures on c-cards?" Well, it took us a while, but we did listen and now you have the choice.



Scuba Travel International offers some exciting getaways this winter…


Cold weather diving not for you? Have you had enough of winter weather? Well the obvious answer is a trip down south… And now your local SDI facility can help you sign up for a fully guided dive trip organized by one of the most respected names in the dive travel business.

Scuba Travel International is the newest company in the SDI, TDI, ERDI organization and although the name is new, the director of STI is Steve Weaver, a diver whose travel business experience spans more than 20 years. All you have to do, is pick your destination.


Titanic’s Last Secrets… limited time offer

Brad Matsen’s new book Titanic’s Last Secrets: the further adventures of shadow divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler is the hottest dive-related title to be released this season.

Both John and Richie were at our booth at DEMA in late Octonber signing and personalizing copies. The response for those keepsakes was overwhealming but we know many of you were dissappointed that you did not pre-order and our limited supplies ran out. Well, as a special favor, John and Ritchie sent over some additional signed copies and we have them in stock now…

Visiting the Islands that President Kennedy put on the map…

When Bret Gilliam’s father gave him a copy of PT-109 to read in 1961, he devoured the tale of John F. Kennedy’s exploits in WWII’s Pacific theater. When President Kennedy signed that book about a year later, Gilliam was speechless… hard to believe these days… but he did vow to visit the islands mentioned in the narrative someday. It took him 37 years to fulfil the promise and the story of his first trip to the Solomon Islands is well worth reading.

Bret’s article, is typical of the quality and content you’ll find in all the articles in Diving Adventure Magazine, which is now published four times a year.

Reading Diving Adventure Magazine is the next best thing to actually diving, so you may want to consider what you are missing by not subscribing!

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SUDS update…     

SUDS is Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba; a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  SUDS exists to help improve the lives of wounded service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Currently SUDS works with wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC), in Washington DC, and teaches them how to scuba dive.  Learning how to scuba dive helps the entire rehabilitation process by offering a sport in which participants with limited mobility, or even amputations, can fully participate.  
This allows them to heal both mentally and physically by allowing them freedom of mobility while in the water.  Several SUDS “graduates” who were once athletes are now bound to wheelchairs.  Now they have the knowledge that they can still participate in sports, and will be able to for years to come.


Show Schedule for 2009… come out and visit SDI and TDI at your local dive show


Calling all divers! One of the best things about working in this industry is meeting the people we work for… you. This coming year, SDI and TDI staff will be attending more dive shows and special events than ever before and this is your invitation to visit us and tell us about 

Extra! Extra! Read all about it…     

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