Traditions in this business are quick to form… don’t miss the TDI™ DECO Party, a tradition whose time has come.

Gather divers away from a Dive site, get them to talk diving, and what do you have? A PARTY! If DEMA, November 2nd – 6th, is on your itinerary, mark THURSDAY November 3rd from 7PM till whenever as DECO PARTY TIME.

Brought to you by TECHNICAL DIVING INTERNATIONAL™ (TDI™) the social will be an opportunity to have a drink, light snack and some heavy dive talk. There will be fun prizes awarded throughout the evening. So, how can you go wrong? Only if you don’t show up!

Stop by the TDI™ Booth # 722 as soon as you arrive at DEMA. DECO PARTY Invites are HOT and availability is limited: we are told the Fire Marshall’s office doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, so let’s not test it. The DECO PARTY is underwritten in part by AP/Silent Diving, DiveRite, Hollis, Innerspace, HOG/Edge and Nat Geo Snorkeler – there is sure to be some cool swag at this function!

Of course, there is more to DEMA than socializing. The business of training is as important for all of us in this industry as it is for our valued divers back home. Think of the DEMA Show as an opportunity to learn what is NEW at TDI™and how to apply it at your business. With more than 30 seminars taking place there are sure to be a few that are right for you! Check them out and register here:

There is one more way TDI can help your business… TDI™ courses are NOW available online! TDI™ Instructors will now have the additional support of eLearning courses in preparing their new divers. Check out what is in store for you with TDI™ onLine:

  • Intro to Tech
  • Nitrox
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • General CCR
  • Diving in Overhead Environments

Special “How To..” seminars are scheduled just to discuss the NEW TDI™ eLearning courses, so book your spot now. Register here:

ONLY SDI™ TDI™ and ERDI™ bring you such a complete eLearning Training experience for you, your facility and your customers.

In addition, you can be extremely profitable with DEMA TDI™ Training Material Specials that deliver GP as high as 72% and a FREE Personalized Store Banner… a $125 value!

So wait no longer, find out for yourself why everyone is talking about the growth of International Training. It is all thanks to a loyal following of progressive, forward thinking Pro and Associate Members alike!

To make an appointment at DEMA that fits your needs, contact us today at 207.729.4201 or 888.778.9073. Please direct special requests to

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