If you ARE going to DEMA, do not miss your opportunity to improve your bottom line by attending these SDI, TDI, ERDI sponsored seminars and workshops.

These programs are free unless otherwise noted, and will be held within walking distance of the DEMA Show floor. Please use our online registration form to book your spot because space will be LIMITED. A member of our staff will contact you to confirm your registration and, where applicable, finalize any payment due (instructor crossovers) and arrange for delivery of any necessary materials prior to the show. SEE YOU IN ORLANDO!

Tuesday November 3rd  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Day before DEMA)

Location – SDI/TDI/ERDI Host Hotel (TBA)

Reservations Required Contact your Regional Manager or HQ or register onLine TODAY

8AM  – 11 AM   Instructor Crossover (SDI & TDI)    

11 AM – 4  PM  TDI Nitrox Instructor course 1   

1 PM – 2 PM     Lunch           

4 PM – 6 PM  CPROX 1st  AED Administrator 2   

1 & 2 – If you are NOT currently a Professional Member of the organization the Instructor Crossover IS REQUIRED.


Instructor Crossover = $399.00 includes all fees, materials and Instructor Pro Kit

TDI Nitrox Instructor Course = $295 (Only $200 with $399.00 crossover package)

CPROX 1st AED Administrator = $295.00 (Only $200 with $399.00 crossover package)

Wednesday Nov 4  1:00 PM 4:00 PM


1 PM – 2 PM    How To Teach Leadership on-Line  (Open and no charge)

2 PM  – 3 PM    Instructor Update  (members only) 

Thursday Nov 5  10:00 AM 12:00 PM

10 AM – 11 AM      Real Examples of Scuba Litigation presented by Peter Meyer     (Open and no charge)   

11 AM – 12 Noon    Your Profitable Travel Solution – STI  (Open and no charge)  

Thursday Nov 5  1:00 PM 4:00 PM


 1 PM – 2 PM    How to  Market SDI SOLO Diver   (Open and no charge)    

2 PM – 3 PM    Instructor Trainer Update (SDI & TDI) (Members only)     

3 PM – 4 PM    59 Minute MBA just for Dive Professionals  (Open and no charge)  

Friday Nov 6  11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


10 AM – 11 AM     How to Market Intro to Tech  (Open and no charge)     

11 AM – Noon    Instructor Update (SDI & TDI)  (Members only)     

Noon – 1PM    How To Teach Leadership online  (Open and no charge)  

Friday Nov 6  1:00 PM 4:00 PM

Location – SDI/TDI/ERDI Host Hotel (TBA)

Reservations Required Contact your Regional Manager or HQ or register onLine TODAY


1 PM – 4 PM    Instructor Crossover (SDI & TDI)     

FEES: Instructor Crossover = $399.00 includes all fees, materials and Instructor Pro Kit

Saturday Nov 7  10:00 AM 12:00 PM


10:00 AM  – 11:00 AM  Growing Your Business Through Public Safety Training – Prerequisite for ERDI Crossover  (Open and no charge)   

Saturday Nov 7  11:30 PM 2:00 PM

Location – SDI/TDI/ERDI Host Hotel (TBA)


11:30 PM – 2 PM    ERDI Instructor Crossover – Morning Public Safety Training program is a prerequisite


Descriptions for DEMA 09 Seminars

e-Learning – How to Teach Leadership onLine– e-Learning has given us new ways to market and deliver diver training and it has broadened our market. With the summer launch of the brand new SDI™, TDI™ Divemaster Program, we upped the ante and opened up more potential for our member facilities. This seminar will explain the benefits of this one-of-a-kind blended learning Leadership program, and how your dive operation can reap the full rewards in efficiency and profitability, branding and customer loyalty by offering this option to your leadership candidates.

Real Examples of Scuba Litigation – Don’t think it could happen to you?  Let insurance expert Peter Meyer give you real examples, and real solutions, to the type of cases nobody else wants to talk about. This seminar is a must for ALL dive professionals regardless of affiliation.

59-Minute MBA for Dive Professionals – This one-hour workshop is part of the SDI™ TDI™ professional business development program. Participants will be introduced to marketing basics (the Five Ps) and will leave with the tools to access the focus of and improve the impact of their facility’s marketing program. This short but informative seminar is recommended for new instructors and seasoned professionals.

Your Profitable Travel Solution – STI – Scuba Travel International™ is a one-stop travel desk available to ALL SDI, TDI facilities. STI was launched last year at DEMA and has been hugely successful at providing SDI and TDI members a popular and profitable full-service individual and group diver travel service to their customers. The real deal is that booking dive vacations for customers through STI’s unique No-Risk Guided Trips nets retailers excellent commission with zero outlay! This information seminar will detail how to take advantage of a totally new revenue stream immediately.

Growing Your Business Through Public Safety Training – Have you considered the value to your business of teaching Public Safety Diving as part of your scuba training curriculum?  Branching out into this area of diver training through Emergency Response Diving International™ has many direct benefits through increased PSD teams grants from municipal and federal governments, but also indirect benefits as your operation becomes recognized in your community as the diving authority to whom local law enforcement and rescue personnel turn. (This seminar is a prerequisites for ERDI Instructor crossover. A professional-level crossover will be scheduled during DEMA; contact us to reserve your spot.)

Scuba Diving International™ Technical Diving International™ Leadership Cross-Over – Known for its innovative diver-education programs and modern approach to program delivery, Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™ offer a fresh and exciting alternative for dive leaders already teaching for competitive sport and or technical agencies. Attend this three-hour workshop and offer your customers more choice. Price includes materials.

How to Market Intro-to-Tech – Building on the success of this TDI “try it before you buy it” course, this workshop will walk participants through the step-by-step process of putting together a technical diver education program and using the proven Intro-to-Tech course to generate a strong demand for tech courses and gear among your existing customers.

How to Market SDI Solo Diver Specialty – SDI remains the only sport agency offering this comprehensive and increasingly popular sport-level course in independent diving. Over several years this once controversial course has produced thousands of engaged, competent, and self-motivated divers around the world. The solo diver program generates diver interest, equipment sales, and promotes the strongest possible customer loyalty for dive stores. Are you taking advantage of the SDI Solo Diver Opportunity?

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