Demand for Con-Ed Materials is On The Rise

We don’t often hear a senior staff member admit that his training agency has to play catch-up, but Sean Harrison, has no choice in this instance.

“We slipped up… no, let me rephrase that: I slipped up. Honestly, we never expected demand to be this strong this early in the season!” Scuba Diving International’s™ Vice-President of Training and Membership Services says with a huge grin on his face.

Harrison is talking about SDI™ having to chase their printer to put a rush on the next reprint of the agency’s Advanced Adventure student manual. “This is the third reprint since we launched the new-look manual just over a year ago, and I’m on the hook because we got through the last printing about three months sooner than I projected!”

The manual, which is one of the agencies most expansive, runs 150 pages of full-color content and covers 11 specialties from the SDI™ Advanced Adventure Curriculum. Advanced Adventure is often mentioned as SDI’s™ next step for divers who have recently graduated from an Open Water class. Participants complete one dive from two core programs (Deep and Navigation) and then choose three more specialty dives from a menu that includes favorites such as Night, Wreck, Drift, and Marine Ecology to complete the program. In contrast to the agency’s Advanced Diver Development Program, Advanced Adventure can be completed in a weekend and is growing in popularity with SDI™ Open Water Divers as well as graduates from competitive programs.

“I don’t think we’re going to run out of inventory before the reprint arrives at our warehouse in Maine,” Harrison says, holding a calendar and crossing his fingers. “But I’m going to be buying our print rep coffee and donuts for a while to pay for the quick turn-around on this job!”

All of the team at Scuba Diving International™ find great joy in this problem since increased sales of continuing education materials means their members are progressing and focusing on con-ed. This focus helps guarantee class enrollments, referrals for Open Water classes, and increased equipment sales, the life blood of many Dive Operators.

If it’s time to consider a new approach to your Training Program or you want to see your Retailers sell more gear invite them to look into what SDI™, TDI™ and ERDI ™ have to offer…never a facility membership fee, access to three training disciplines and solutions via a single membership and a single insurance coverage makes membership really makes “cents” …and lots of them!

To order copies of any SDI™ teaching and dive business support materials, you can call SDI, TDI and ERDI’s National Sales Manager, Cris Merz at 888.778.9073 or email him at

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