DIVE 2012 – The Show for SCUBA Divers

Organized for more than 20 years by DIVER, Britain’s best-selling diving magazine, each event attracts hundreds of exhibitors offering the latest diving holidays, training courses, and dive gear – on display and to buy – and is visited by thousands of experienced and aspiring divers from the UK, Europe and beyond.

The Dive Shows also deliver an unrivaled program of free presentations from the world’s top diving speakers, including TDI’s IT Mark Powell and his talk titled “Accidents, Why Divers Do Stupid Things”. Mark Powell, technical-diving instructor for SDI/TDI and author of Deco For Divers, has strong views on why things go wrong under water, and believes that most incidents are avoidable. But the fact remains that otherwise balanced people can behave unpredictably when they kit up and take to the depths. If you’ve seen Mark speak before, as he has about solo-diving at recent shows, you’ll know how entertainingly thought-provoking he is.

Coming to the NEC, Birmingham on 27th-28th October, the next big date for your diary is DIVE 2012.


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Tel: 888.778.9073 | 207.729.4201
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