Dive Retailer Training Stimulus Program

save money... turn someone on to SDI, TDI, ERDIWhile we all agree that the power of positive thinking is a must in any business so is decisive and swift positive action. The family of Training Agencies, Scuba Diving International™ (SDI™), Technical Diving International™ (TDI™) and Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI™) have created a special program to give any diving facility in the USA a FREE MONTH OF TRAINING MATERIALS!

To Receive a FREE Month of Training Materials for your Facility:

Follow these simple steps…

1.    Be a member of the Agencies in good standing at the Dive Center Level or above.

2.    Refer a fellow Industry Member (Dive Center) to join our Training Group.

3.    When your referral completes the membership requirement and joins in, you will receive a FREE Month of Training Materials for your Facility

What is the catch…

1.    You will receive your FREE replacement products for ALL of our agencies’ materials utilized in teaching your classes during the designated FREE month, excluding leadership levels.

2.    You will still be required to follow ALL standards and procedures as usual. You will incur your standard fee for diver certification / registration.

3.    You will be required to submit an order for the FREE goods within 15 days of the month. The order must include previous proof of purchase of the materials requested.

Frequently Asked Questions…

1.    Is there a limitation to the courses I can teach in this program? The only limitation is your ratings. Any diver level program (non leadership) from any of the agencies is eligible.

2.    When I refer more than one store and they all sign up am I eligible for more than one FREE Month of Training Materials for your Facility? YES

3.    How long will this program run? Effective March 15th-May 31st, 2009!

4.    Are there Geographic Restrictions to my referrals? Parameters may vary please contact your Regional Manager for details.

Most Common Reasons Membership Keeps Growing…

1.    Three Agencies, three markets (Sport, Technical and Public Safety) and only one membership obligation / dues

2.    Never a Dive Center Membership Fee

3.    Most popular and expansive on-line training programs, now including on-line leadership level programs including Crossover Programs

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