Are YOU Adapting Your Business to the Current Times!

Maybe lately you have noticed that well things are different and like any business person we have to learn to play the cards before us! There is a NEW phenomenon hitting not just our nation but the world….STAYCATIONS!

Staycation: from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A staycation (or stay-cation, or stacation) is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions. Staycations have achieved high popularity in current hard economic times in which unemployment levels and gas prices are high. The term was officially added to the 2009 version of the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Common activities of a staycation include use of the backyard pool, visits to local parks and museums, and attendance at local festivals. Some staycationers also like to follow a set of rules, such as setting a start and end date, planning ahead, and avoiding routine, with the goal of creating the feel of a traditional vacation.

Now let’s take a close look at this New Phenomenon and how we, Dive Industry folks, might just capitalize on it….” an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home”…” planning ahead, and avoiding routine, with the goal of creating the feel of a traditional vacation.”

If Staycations is what customers want then it is what we need to create for them but we must find a way to put Diving Activities at the center of them!

Now chances are you already have your Trip Board filled with EXOTIC Dive Trips to all corners of the earth! If you don’t…you should with the Scuba Travel International NO RISK program, available exclusively through Member Facilities, you can deal from a point of strength as your customers see your business activity solid and thriving!

However we know that there are customers that no matter how badly they want to get away on an Exotic Trip…now is just not the right time.


Here are some rapid fire ideas to get you thinking… the only rule is be a sport and make sure to share with us what you are doing that works!

  • Book off peak time dive outings, to the local quarry, local lake, river or beach. Do not have one available create a pool activity to try some gear or simply blow some bubbles
  • Bring Back Movie Night in your store, there has to be something out there your crowd will enjoy, just keep it light and fun and by all means PG it needs to be a family night
  • Bowling Nights are always a good way to a group together for little $$. Keep in mind your local businesses are in the same economy you are, they are willing to be flexible to get your business and get past tough times
  • Create a group to do a charity event; a simple clean up does not have to be limited to a dive site it might just be the road in front of the local Elementary or JR High!
  • Visit a retirement home, bring a smile to someone’s face, listen to their stories they have seen much and learned much that they will share.
  • Visit a VA Hospital and simply say THANKS!

Are you starting to get the idea, take the opportunity that some of your Divers maybe doing Staycations this year and turn it into a genuine opportunity to bond with them, not in that old tired “marketing way” but in the good old fashion way, friend to friend.

And as they say “This too shall pass” and in the process you will have build a better business with better friends and a better community!

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