Diver Clicks… May 2010

Take a look at the response/ click through rate of divers “just like your customers” from stories in our Monthly eNewsletter distributed May 2010.

You can use this information to help you decide what courses and other dive-related activities to promote in your store to help you earn greater profits for you and your facility!

After each distribution of The Dive Log, The Official Associate Member Newsletter we compile the results and report and share them with you. They say that knowledge is POWER so more power to you! Need help bridging how to make this information pay off for you but not quite sure how? Contact us, we can help, reach out for your Regional Manager or drop us a line at steve.lewis@tdisdi.com



40.9DIVE TIPS: Buoyancy Control (continued)


CAUTIONARY TALE: Cleaning rebreather loop really is required

09.4INVITATION TO TOURNEY: Florida Show going strong for more than 45 years


TURN A FRIEND ON TO DIVING: Promotion of SDI Scuba Discovery

08.0PROMO CONTINUES: Find Brian, Win Prizes


HEAVY METAL S WEEKEND: West-Coast Reef Organization looking for help

04.3SHOW NEWS: California Dive Show May 15 -16
01.7MULTIPLE LANGUAGE: Launch of translated website for SDI / TDI


Figures reflect percentage of total “hits” for specific web pages on our site https://www.tdisdi.com


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