Diving Talks Portugal 2021

Diving Talks – Portugal 2021 – International Diving Congress will take place in Portugal from October 8 to 10 at the Tróia Peninsula, a gigantic sand dune formed over thousands of years, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the West Sado estuary to the east. This privileged setting, with beach, dune, marsh, estuary and pine forest environments is a fantastic location for the gathering of the diving community.

Our speakers

The attractiveness of the Diving Talks International Congress arises mainly from the Speakers panel. Divers, researchers, and explorers such as Cristina Zenato, Jill Heinerth, Natalie Gibb, Sylvia Earle, Ahmed Gabr, Mark Powell, Martyn Farr, and Sami Paakkarinen are some examples of the influential group that will share their recent contributions at the beautiful Tróia Resort.

An event for divers and non-divers alike

The venue and the fact that everything is being prepared for Diving Talks to be an event for dives and non-divers alike makes this Portuguese first-edition the meeting you shouldn’t miss. It will be an inclusive event: one fantastic weekend for taking your family and partners with you. Several side events are being prepared purposely for those who don’t wish to attend the talks, including tours of the region, sailing the Sado River, or visiting wineries where you will have a taste of the best wines produced in this part of Alentejo. Better not say more… the idea is to have divers attending the Talks.

Diving Talks will be a different concept for the brands as well. The organization’s objective is to offer attendees co-branded experiences during the weekend, giving sponsors a pretext for a more robust engagement with their audience.

Don’t wait, register today

Having said all this, our recommendation: don’t wait to register to be part of this new event. The number of attendees is limited by health authority recommendations.

Register Now!

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