Dry Suits: How and Why You Should Market Them

dry-suitsIn many cases, people believe the scuba diving season may be over due to the change in the weather – there is snow on the ground. They will either put their gear away or travel some place warm to get wet. Though this may hold true for the “warm water divers,” it does not mean that the sport comes to a full-stop, by any means.

Dive centers have figured out that the best diver to create from the get-go is the “year round diver.” This is the diver who wants to ensure that his newly embraced life-style is not a sport that can only be practiced during a 4 month window. From California to Denmark, the year round diver is one who will dive no matter what the water temperature may be…warm or cold.

The SDI Dry Suit course is the perfect course to get your students comfortable with the equipment needed to dive year round. As a matter of fact, dive centers may offer this course in conjunction with their open water course so that the new diver is comfortable with his dry suit from the very beginning. Not only will this increase equipment sales on your dive center’s behalf, but creating the year-round diver will also increase the number people who feel comfortable diving locally, increasing the profile for the sport, as well as its popularity. With more people diving year round, tank fills and servicing of equipment also comes into play.

Safety is also a key issue for promoting the class. Buoyancy techniques, along with the “do’s” and “don’ts” can very well mean the difference between a successful dive or an experience that leaves the new diver less than enthused. Maintenance and caring for a dry suit is also covered… after all, when making such an investment in a piece of gear you want to be sure you are properly trained in its up keep to ensure that it functions properly.

And let us not forget the main benefit of the dry suit itself…staying warm. The temperatures do not have to be in the 60’s in order for a diver to enjoy the comforts of a dry suit. Multiple dives in places on the equator, like the Galapagos, can provide the additional comfort that wet-suit divers would not get simply because they are losing body heat with every single dive…and after a week of diving, that makes a world of difference.

Create the year round diver at your facility… start promoting the SDI Dry Suit courses today.

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