Earn $350 for ZERO outlay… You can with SFI’s DC SHOW SPECIAL

Imagine being able to sell something in your retail store that cost you nothing to stock but pays you $349.00 pure profit when you sell it.  That is what Scuba Travel International’s DC Scuba Show special is all about.  Sell your clients a trip to Wakatobi, one of the world’s premier dive resorts, and make $349.00 just by printing a flyer.  It gets even better than that, sell nine spaces and get a FREE ground package.  You can sell this free spot and make even more money or you can use it to send a group leader from you store.

So, let’s do the math, sell ten spaces on The Wakatobi trip scheduled for November 17 to December 1, 2009 and make $3141.00 on the nine spaces and by selling the free spot you make an additional $3034.00 giving a total profit of $6175.00!

Another opportunity to make money selling travel "Risk Free" is a trip to Grenada scheduled November 21 – 28, 2009.  For each person you sell on this trip you make $122.00 and you can earn 1 free ground space by selling 9 spaces.  Nine spaces sold multiplied by $122.00 profit equals $1098.00 if you see the free space you make an additional $1199.00 for a total profit of $2297.00!

Some of the benefits for you and your clients are as follows:

For you, the dive store:

1.  You make money selling something that cost you nothing.

2.  You have an opportunity to make additional money by;

        a. Servicing your clients gear prior to the trip.

        b. By offering refresher sessions prior to the trip

        c. By selling your clients extra gear

        d. By renting your clients gear

        e. By offering specialty training, such as Nitrox certification.

3.  Pre made fliers for ease of selling

4.  You end up with happy, LOYAL customers.

5.  Your customers will be taken care of by a professional group leader who is interested in keeping them Loyal to your store.

For your clients:

1.  They are happy because you sold them a professional escorted trip.

2.  They will be Carried for by a professionally trained group leader.

3.  They will stay active in the sport they love.

4   All trip details are planned to avoid problems

5.  They travel with like-minded, fun loving groups.


Please take a look at the attached flyers (WAKATOBI or GRENADA) and consider printing them out to start making money on travel.  Specials like this are available every month from Scuba Travel International, call for details.


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