ELearning: Promote Your Dive Courses with Immediate Effect!

eLearning LinksSDI, TDI and ERDI have all pioneered the diving industry with their eLearning programs. SDI first launched the eLearning program 8 years ago. It was so well received by our instructors and dealers who were looking to expand additional avenues to reach out to students that the rest of the industry followed a few years later.

Cris Merz, Vice-President of Sales, stated, “When the program was launched from the very start, it was important to us to find a way to be sure that students on a dealer’s site could access the scuba diving courses available online without having to be reverted back to a generic site for them to have an option to select a dealer. After all, they were on that specific dealer’s website already.”

The solution was simple, create and offer customized links to all our dealers so that they could embed that facility’s specific link on their own websites, ensuring the sale through their dive center. With the launch of professional level courses for divemasters, assistant dive instructors and the open water instructor course, SDI brought eLearning to the professional level. ERDI dive courses followed, and last year TDI launched 5 additional eLearning courses to the online curriculum.

“All of these 3 agencies have specific links assigned to the dive centers.” Merz added, “It is the best way to secure a customer 24 hours of the day, and any day of the week.”

But it gets better…

“These links should not just be limited to a dive center’s website,” said Jeff Smith, Regional Manager for the Southwest and South Central. Smith believes you can take it one step further, “Dealers can actually use these links every time they launch an email blast and can even use them on Twitter or their Facebook page whenever they are promoting dive training courses. Do you have a new Decompression Procedures Course? Well, don’t just announce it on Facebook or other social media… put up your own link and let them get started right then and there!”

SDI, TDI and ERDI currently lead the industry with available online courses for eLearning. Be sure to check out the available courses in the eLearning section of our website.

Facility administrators can find these embedded links by logging on to https://www.tdisdi.com and going to “Facility Tools” under “eLearning Resources.” Facilities can learn more about how to increase their center’s profile on the website while attracting customers from multiple avenues.

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