ERDI Contaminated Water Ops Launch Takes OFF Like Wildfire!


Be Ready to Get YOUR Divers Dirty


The response to news that Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI™) is making a $190,000 contribution to PSD safety and awareness has exceeded our wildest expectations, according to ERDI spokesmen, Paul Montgomery.


ERDI, the global leader for Public Safety Diving education and support, is making its newly launched onLine Contaminated Water Ops awareness training available FREE to PSD teams across North America. Since the announcement last week, requests for access codes have ERDI staff running off their feet.


“The official launch will be made at the FDIC Firefighter Training Conference and Exhibition taking place in Indianapolis later this month,” said Montgomery. “When we sent out word that ERDI is giving FREE access to Firefighter, Police and other Public Safety Dive Teams we expected a couple of email enquiries and a phone call or two. Well we underestimated the need for this added safety for PSD Teams everywhere!”


This new course is different from any other ERDI course currently on offer in the way that participants receive certifications. All ERDI programs are available to Public Safety Professionals regardless of their position within a department or Team.  Programs are classified in three different levels, Awareness, Operations, and Technician. The Awareness portion can be completed online, by diving and non diving Department Members alike. Operations and Technician involve practical work with a qualified ERDI Instructor through an appropriate ERDI Training Facility.


Montgomery, one of ERDI staffers who will be in attendance at the FDIC Exhibition starting April 21, explained that there has been a flood of inquires from PSD Teams across North America about the new program.


“We will begin sending out codes to work through the new onLine Contaminated Water Ops program to coincide with the opening of the FDIC Exhibition on April 21,” he said. “The goal of this initiative is to allow every law enforcement dive team, every firefighting crew and all dive rescue teams access with at least one code to complete their onLine Contaminated Water Awareness Certification for free, and we now want to ask EVERYONE involved in Public Safety Diving to get the word out about this opportunity, because it is obvious that Contaminated Water Ops training is recognized as vital to the health and safety of badge carrying divers everywhere.”  


For this $190,000 contribution to reach the maximum number of Departments will require coordination and communication amongst Team Members to make sure that not every member but one or two members request the code to review and evaluate the appropriateness for their own Teams, something we are already seeing as many will ask: “Has anyone from our Team requested a code”. It’s this kind of unselfish behavior that makes working with the PSD community such a rewarding experience.


Montgomery explained that participants in the Awareness program will be directed to an ERDI training facility in their area to complete the Operations and Technician training. And, he said, this represents a good opportunity for both existing ERDI instructors and those dive industry professionals who have been “sitting on the fence” looking at Public Safety Diver training to take the plunge.


“We recognize that PSD training is a step up from anything else the majority of Dive Facilities offer,” Montgomery said. “However, for those dive professionals who have already identified PSD as the right fit for their operations, now is the time to find out more about what is involved and how to add this type of support and training to their business.”

For details of this remarkable offer, to order a traditional hard-copy version of the New ERDI Contaminated Water Ops Manual, or to the apply for YOUR FREE Access code to work though the onLine program, contact  include your department’s name and address, telephone number and e-mail. Please include whether you have a Team or are forming one and lastly please include the name of the Chief and the PSD Team Leader.


Contact ERDI today, this offer is limited due to financial constraints.


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