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When looking for training in cylinder inspections or refreshing your current 3-year HAZMAT certification, you have options. Cylinder training services and ITI are offering a one-day program to teach you to inspect cylinders, refresh an expiring certification or, for those qualified, become an instructor in visual cylinder inspections. For those attending DEMA in Orlando Fl, CTS in conjunction with ITI is offering a one-day program on October 31, 2017.

Competitors, who teach a similar course, are constantly providing misinformation on what is required and who can teach, and state they are the only option for cylinder inspection training. They would want people to believe that they have no other options and attempt to spread the word using misleading advertizing. Even the U.S. government understands that everyone has specific requirements and needs:

“U.S. DOT (PHMSA) does not review or certify training programs for pre-approval purposes. The employer must determine a trainer’s qualifications based on the employer’s needs.”

Acting Chief

Pressure Vessels Branch

Approvals and Permits Division – PHH-30


Certain training companies wish people to think that there is only one training program that is recognized, endorsed, and used by the cylinder manufacturers and recognized by USDOT, CGA, and other rule-making entities. These statements may have some semblance of reality but are far from truly accurate statements. Instead of acknowledging that there are options in choosing a cylinder training program, this company uses misinformation to try and convince people that they only have one choice.

The term frequently used by this training company during marketing campaigns is RECOGNIZED. They state that they are recognized by manufacturers, the U.S. DOT, CGA, and others. If you look up the definition of recognize, it states “Identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again.” “I recognized her when her wig fell off.” Since the other company has been around for 20+ years they are likely to be recognized by some of these entities. However, to say that they are the only training organization recognized is a bit of a stretch and could be considered arrogant.

The other frequently used term is ENDORSED. The definition of endorsed is “to approve openly endorse an idea; especially: to express support or approval of publicly and definitely.” The referred-to training company has been teaching about cylinders for a period of time and was, in the past, one of the very few conducting this type of training. Because of the limited resources in the past, organizations would reference them in materials, but possibly only because there was no one else with whom they were acquainted. If you were to contact any organization or company and speak to their legal departments and ask them if they endorse a specific program, the answer would likely be no. Why would a company endorse a product or course in which they have no control or oversight? And to infer that they are endorsed by the U.S. government is plainly false. The U.S. government cannot and does not endorse any specific training program. In fact, the U.S. government uses many different training programs based on the need of the specific division or branch of the U.S. government.

We are here to tell you that you have another choice when it comes to cylinder inspection training (VIP). You don’t need to make your training decisions based on misleading information.  Your decision should be based on facts.  You have a choice for quality cylinder inspection training.

International Training Incorporated (ITI) has a cylinder inspection program that is regularly updated, has online and printed materials, and is designed to cover the required HAZMAT training within a reasonable time period and at a reasonable cost. The training was developed to respect the user’s busy schedule and required topics to stay compliant with government regulations. The one-day program covers cylinders, valves, compressors, and safety without having to sit through numerous duplicate trainings at an additional expense. It’s a hands-on program where the student inspects a cylinder using the latest tools, rebuilds a valve under the guidance of a trained instructor, and reviews the basic operations of a high-pressure compressor.

Some documentable facts about the ITI cylinder program include:

  • Errors and omissions insurance coverage. The information provided through ITI is guaranteed and backed by a two million dollar errors and omissions insurance policy. If incorrect information is given within the course materials and you are harmed, ITI puts their money where their mouth is. Ask the other organization if they have this type of coverage. Ask the people who endorse them if they will pay the bill for any misinformation or errors stated by other training organizations.
  • ITI is an International Standards Organization (ISO). This means that they voluntarily subject themselves to outside auditors to ensure compliance standards are followed. ITI is not a sole proprietorship which creates its own rules. They understand that their programs must meet specific standards and comply with international rules. Ask if the other training organizations bring in outside independent auditors to ensure they follow rules and regulations.
  • ITI is an international training organization monitoring hundreds of instructors and instructor trainers worldwide. They have developed and monitor dozens of training programs across all reaches of this planet. They are a professional training company that updates and vets its material and instructors.

When looking to gain knowledge on proper cylinder visual inspection techniques, or if you are looking to refresh your current knowledge and you want new, fresh information,  take a look at the ITI cylinder visual inspection program. The program is being used by multiple government organizations, fortune 500 companies, and small business owners worldwide. The governments and large companies enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the material is vetted and backed by insurance. The smaller owner operators appreciate the required material being presented in a timely fashion and within budget.

Try something NEW at DEMA in 2017 by signing up for the cylinder visual inspection class offered by Cylinder Training Services (CTS). It is being held one day prior to the show on October 31, 2017. Everyone is welcome to come to the class, share their knowledge, and maybe learn something new along the way. We don’t shove information down your throat; we let you absorb the points that you feel are most applicable to your HAZMAT environment.

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