Familiar Face, New Role


International Training has appointed Steve Moore as the new Regional Manager, Eastern Canada. The post will be merged with his current position in the HQ Training Department. 
Many of you already know Steve well from your dealings with the Training Dept. or from diving and training with him but for those of you who don’t, here’s a little more about him:
Steve retired from the Royal Air Force in January 2005 after completing 25 years service, during which time he organized and participated in numerous diving expeditions with the British and Canadian Armed Forces. He worked as the Program & Expeditions Manager for three years at one of SDI/TDI’s premier facilities in Eastern Canada before joining the International Training HQ team in Maine in January 2008. He lives in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland with Darlene and their kids Ben, Emily and Nick. 
In addition to his full-time role with the Training Dept. and as an Instructor Trainer Evaluator, Steve’s previous experience ‘on the coalface’ with one of the region’s major facilities ensure his suitability to take on the new challenges of his enhanced role with International Training.  
His goal is to assist all facilities and individual members in the Eastern Canada region increase their success with International Training. Steve will be travelling around the region regularly, visiting facilities, conducting member updates, coordinating Instructor Trainer Workshops, etc and supporting the membership in whatever way he can.
 In summing up what changes he expects from his added responsibilities,  Steve said: “I am very excited about my new post and will work extremely hard to assist everyone with their goals as International Training Members.  But, I see myself as the new guy and I need to know how I can be of the best possible service to our membership in Eastern Canada and would greatly appreciate their feedback and suggestions.”
Steve added that his plans include holding at least one general Members’ Update in the region each year and an annual Instructor Trainer Workshop “as these programs are well proven networking opportunities for members.  I also intend to establish a website area where active members who wish to may post their training schedules, etc and exchange general ideas on building their businesses.”
Steve would love to hear from any member in the region and can be contacted between 6am-4.30pm EST Mon-Fri as follows:
Skype: stevemoore-tdisdi
Toll Free: (888) 778-9073 x 212

Main Line: +1 (207) 729-4201 x 212

Toll Free Fax: (877) 436-7096

Fax: +1 (207) 729-4453


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