Florida-based vessel offers instructors multiple training opportunities

ocean explorer at dockThe Ocean Explorer is a 62′ live-aboard dive boat which carries eight passengers comfortably through the Bahamas Island chain.


This vessel also specialize in live-aboard dive trips in Florida, specifically based upon wreck diving and reef diving in the Florida Keys, in Pompano Beach Fl, and on the West Coast to dive the wrecks out of Pensacola Fl, which of course includes the largest artificial reef in the world, the Oriskany.

The OEX carries 2000 gallons of fuel, has a fully air-conditioned salon, and extra large heads (which have great hot water showers). The boat makes 500 gallons of water a day, it has two Bauer 9cfm compressors, and also two 20kw generators. Any kind of nitrox or trimix can be mixed on board and can support all rebreather divers with 3000 psi of oxygen. QEX can support any kind of specialty diving necessary and can be at sea for over two weeks without resupplying.

Being only 3/4 of a mile from Hillsboro Inlet (Pompano Beach area of Florida) gives OEX great flexibility to accommodate local and out of state instructors in any kind of dive training they want to do aboard the vessel. The boat offers a unique way for the instructor or dive store to save money by accommodating their dive trainers for free aboard the boat while they are teaching.

OEX is located at 2315 NE 15th Street in Pompano Beach, FL 33062, at the AquaMarina at Hidden Harbor.

Other benefits include easy loading of equipment from a floating dock, with the use of carts to easily unload vehicles and wheel equipment to the boat side.

Packages include: Econo-buster Biminis Bahamas trip: 3 days in length, the diver can get up to 13 dives in 3 days, visit the island of Bimini, stay in scenic anchorages overnight during the trip and spearfish and lobster if they wish. The trip runs $1000 to the diver and of course, there is a commission to the dive store or dive instructor per spot, with an even better rate if they take the entire boat.

Also on tap is Blue Hole diving in Andros or Freeport or Abaco. Exuma trips, kicking off from Nassau. There are also specialty trips like a swim with wild dolphin program that usually kicks off in the Spring and is based on working out of West End Grand Bahamas Island for a six-day live aboard trip. Cost runs around $1495 per person.

We will also be visiting Pensacola to dive the Oriskany and the other surrounding wrecks during May and June of 2011. The Ocean Explorer will run three-day live-aboard to the wreck weekly during those two months. They will be based on popular charter run in the past; a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and a Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Contact Masotti to reserve your spot now. His contact information is:

Captain Ted Masotti

Captainted@optonline.net and his cell number is (201)906-3613.



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