Free App to Record and Document Cylinder Inspections

By Don Kinney

Once a year (on Average) cylinders are visually inspected.

The inspector will check the cylinder both internally and externally for excessive damage or causes for concern. During this process the inspector may also check for proper operation of the cylinder valve. In order to track this process, the inspector should document the specific cylinder and note the concerns. In the past, inspectors would complete a paper document or complete data within an internal tracking program. One of the issues with either of these systems is that it was impossible to log or difficult to share the data within a company or forward to a client.

Introducing the CYLINDEX App

Recently Cylinder Training Services (CTS) developed a free APP to solve the difficulty in recording and sharing cylinder inspection data. CYLINDEX, available through APPLE, ANDROID APP or MICROSOFT stores, is a free APP specifically designed for the visual inspection of all high-pressure cylinders. With the APP you can sign up as an individual or as a company to track the inspection process.

If you sign up as a company, you can insert the name and address of your company. The company user is then assigned a unique ID. When an employee, or member of the group, wants to share inspection data, they are provided the unique number. The individual signs up with the group, adding the unique identifier, and each inspection is then assigned to the company or group. If someone leaves the group, that individual is deleted by the administrator, but the inspection data stays with the company.

The inspection process allows the user to enter in the unique cylinder markings and data.

The supplied serial number acts as a search criterion for future inspections. During future inspections, if the serial number is added, the APP will locate that cylinder and auto-populate the basic information. The inspector can then proceed with the visual inspection process.

The APP walks the inspector through each step of the inspection process. It covers the codes and markings. It then allows for notations and concerns of the cylinder, both internally and externally. Valve inspections are an optional step, depending if you have the valve to complete an inspection. If you check the valve, the APP takes the service pressure of the cylinder and suggests the proper burst disk pressure. The final step is to give your opinion on whether the cylinder is suitable to remain in service.

At the conclusion of the inspection, the data is stored on the individual or company database. The program also creates a downloadable PDF file of the inspection. It takes the data, entered through the APP, and places it in an easy to read PDF document. The company or group data is automatically added to the form, saving the inspector a step of data entry. The pdf can be printed or forwarded to the customer at any time.

CYLINDEX is an easy to use tool to help record visual cylinder inspections.

It keeps your cylinder inspection history at your fingertips and easily searchable for proper documentation. Each person in your company can find and review documents, or track data on a specific cylinder. Download CYLINDEX and see for yourself how easy it is to use and the many benefits it provides to visual cylinder inspectors. For step by step instructions of the APP you can visit the BLOG at

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