Good News from SDI, TDI Italy

The Eudi Show attracts more than 100,000 visitors and features exhibits from about 900 companies… and it’s all about the underwater world.

If you were lucky enough to be in Rome, Italy between Feb. 27 and March 2, this year, we hope you took time out to walk the exhibits and attend some of the dozens of seminars and meetings that took place at this world-class dive and underwater sports show.

And if you were there, you must have seen our Italian regional office out in full force. They report being "swamped" by new divers looking for opportunities to continue their education, experienced technical divers who wanted to chat to our staff about TDI programs, and lots of people who want to know more about how to learn to dive.

Of course, some of the traffic was local members and other industry professionals and the word is that they gave very good feedback on the new SDI open water kit and the recently released Advanced Adventure student manual.

Athena Barbera, spokeswoman for SDI, TDI Italy told us “Eudi was a good show for us because of the reception we got for new product from our members and instructors for other agencies. But what made it especially enjoyable for everyone on the booth was the huge number of instructor cross-overs we did!”

Seems the advantages of membership in SDI translate well into Italian! Athena explained that due to this last batch of new members and facilities, SDI and TDI now has coverage and support for divers from our agencies in new areas including Calabria, which offers one of the best diving areas in the Italian Mediterranean.

For more information about diving with SDI or TDI in Italy, contact Athena Barbera, TDI SDI ERDI ITALIA Tel / Fax +39

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