Guide to Medical Releases

The RSTC medical statement is here to help you assess your physical ability to scuba dive. SDI TDI ERDI suggests that all individuals gain medical professional clearance for scuba diving. Please note that certain stipulations of this form will require a visit to a medical professional to assess your health. These four steps will make the form as simple as possible.

1: Read

Read the entire release thoroughly. There are a number of blanks on this form intended for you to fill out. Please direct any of your questions to your instructor. If you make a mistake, like writing your first name in the last name box, you must begin a new form. Whiteout or scratched out sections cannot be used, even if initialed beside.

2: Identify

For any blank that asks for the instructor, be sure to list any and all instructors involved in your training. Ask your professional to list all these individuals. A blank that requests a dive center should be filled in with the name of the dive center or institution through which the course is being conducted. If you are not taking the course through a facility, you should leave this blank.

3: Answer

The medical history section has a list of conditions which you must evaluate and answer y-e-s or n-o. Please write the word completely in all capital letters. If you are unsure of an answer, you should answer yes.

4: Sign

Again, every word on this form is essential for you to read and understand. Once you have complete understanding of this form and every blank has been completed, a signature of understanding is requested at the bottom of page 1. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign. In the event that a medical professionals’ evaluation is required, please review all pages with your medical professional. So that’s it. Four steps to make the medical easy-to-use.

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