Here is what will be featured in next month’s Diver eNewsletter

NewsletterTeaseThe January issue of the diver eNewsletter will have articles on:

Diving Tips: Buoyancy Control, Do You Have it Mastered. The article discusses drills to build confidence and competence in this basic skill.

Diver’s Toolbox: Liftbag/SMB and reel: the whens, whys and wherefores of this essential piece of kit. The article will promote the use of a Surface Marker Buoy as a safety and signalling device. It will discuss deployment and also the SDI and TDI courses where use of the tool is mandatory.

Surface Interval Snacks: Short piece on in-between dive nutrition.

Dive Essay: One Dimensional Diving. Article reinforces diversity for divers who want to build real experience and comfort in the water. Encourages con-Ed and specific courses that are a "little off the beaten track" such as photography, and marine ecology.

Dive Sites: Wreck Diving. This month’s article highlights Caribbean wrecks and STI guided trips to destinations that offer warm water and colorful sites.

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