How do Dive Centers benefit from divers going onto our website?

Online training has been a fantastic method for Dive Centers to reach out to a new market. Most specifically, it allows member facilities to cater to students that cannot meet certain scheduled classes. It makes participating facilities money when their doors are closed, and unlike the competition’s online training applications, it allows complete branding of member facilities with logos and images of major equipment lines while the students are taking the course. 

How do divers find you on the website?

The website is another tool that we use to try to create traffic into your facility.  Divers from around the world are looking for courses and where to take them,.. and that search often brings them into the SDI group website.  Our courses, from the common Open Water Scuba Diver to the more specific Decompression Procedures Diver, can be searched for via several different methods — state, region, course and even an instructors’ ratings.

Be at the top of our list.

Once a student has narrowed down their search by location, they will be given a list of facilities in their region.  The dive centers are then listed from top to bottom by facility designation.  The facilities with the highest designations such as Professional Development Centers and 5-Stars will obviously be the ones on top.  Contact your regional manager to find out how you can improve your own center’s designation.

Revert the student back to the website

Dive centers may teach students how to take advantage of the website as well.  If a student is in Hawaii with no c-card and cannot reach the dive center or HQ, students may confirm certification through the website.  This tool has come in handy numerous times and works and a temporary solution until the diver can retrieve his c-card or order a new one.


We also undertook a slightly different outlook beginning in 2008 of communicating more directly with your customers… divers. And in the interim have created several initiatives that drive divers and ‘wanna-be’ divers to SDI and TDI facilities. These include eNewsletters, forum postings, a presence on Facebook and information pages on our website. All these things are intended to raise interest in scuba and push "qualified leads" through your front door.

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