How to Conduct a Crossover

As an Instructor Trainer, you have the ability to bring other agency instructors into the ITI system. But how do you do that? Let’s break it down into four steps.

1. Materials

Get your candidates started with the materials and the eLearning code ordered direct from your regional office. The familiarization course will give them a simple insight into the history and philosophies of ITI without bogging them down with too much information.

2. Meet

As an IT, you understand how important the SDI TDI ERDI website is. It’s crucial that you give your candidate the tools needed to locate standards, register students, order materials and access ITI content. This will probably be the most involved aspect of the crossover and should include a standards review to highlight differences between agencies as well as an in-depth review of our tools and resources on the marketing side. Be sure they’re aware of our website audits, social media presence and awesome technology offerings.

3. Review

Sometimes equivalencies can be a difficult topic to answer. As a general rule of thumb, recreational courses from recognized agencies come over one-to-one. Technical and public safety ratings may require an evaluation from a qualified IT. Any courses involving helium, overhead, rebreathers or public safety, will require an Instructor Trainer qualified at the corresponding level. If those are levels the candidate has, contact headquarters to get the most up-to-date equivalency and crossover requirements.

4. Register

Once the candidate has all this completed, collect the required reports from their current agency and utilize a crossover checklist which you can find under the IT resources after logging in on the website.

It’s as simple as that. Just remember, you’re giving them the tools they need to go out and start teaching using the ITI system. If you have any questions as you go through the process, as a candidate or an IT, give us a call at World HQ or use our website chat feature. Thanks so much.

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