Huish eLearning Program – 15% off Gear

Huish is working with several training organizations to create incentives for their dealers to offer 15% off any Huish Outdoors product when proof of registration for an eLearning program is provided. 


This program will be offered for any recognized training agency’s online learning module, where registration has occurred. There will be a select group of training agencies that co-promote this program alongside their eLearning programs by way of e-coupons or the end, of course, printable diploma showing they have completed our eLearning program.

The intent is to provide an incentive for elearners to take the next step in their diving progression, by investing in relevant dive gear as regions loosen COVID-19 restrictions.

As such, this coupon is valid for any eLearning course taken from June 1st, 2020 to July 31st, 2020


This promotion will be active, and Co-Promoted with select Training Agencies based on the following timeline:

  • Friday July 31st, Consumer program ends.
  • August 4th – last day to re-purchase at program discount for dealers


The Huish Outdoors databank contains both SDI Co-Branded and Unbranded web assets to allow you to participate and promote this program as you see fit.


All Huish Outdoors Products (note: Hollis Rebreathers Excluded) are eligible for purchase in this promotion.

If you are a dealer for Huish and are interested in participating, please contact your Huish rep for more information.  This offer is currently only available in the Americas.

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