In-Store Card Printer

Your customers and your business are both living in the 21st century. That means fast, digital information. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to wait around for the mail… two weeks, a few days. It’s unacceptable in today’s business practices.

That’s where SDI comes in.

At SDI we offer you an instant digital C-Card, which is no additional cost to you or your customers. On top of that take advantage of the in-store C-Card printing machine.

What does that mean?

That means that once the course has been completed and the registration process has been finalized you can hand your student the C-Card right there and then on the spot. Boom! Did I also mention about 30% savings in registration fees alone? That number could go up to about 50% if you’re currently working with the other guys.

What else?

Print your own baggage tags, air-fill cards and replacement cards… as many as you want. That’s just another way that SDI is out there working for you, staying innovative and current with today’s marketing practices.

So call us and find out how we can save you money and make your life so much easier.

Have a wonderful day!

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