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International Training Keeps Growing

International Training Keeps Growing

What comes to mind when people describe a diver training organization as:

  • Groundbreaking?
  • Record-setting?
  • Having a history of being first with innovations?

You probably think of International Training (ITI), the parent company of SDI, TDI, ERDI and First Response Training International. But, if you freedive, you might also think of Performance Freediving International (PFI). PFI shares ITI’s philosophy of outside-the-box thinking and high standards.

ITI’s mission is providing dive professionals with the best programs and materials. This is why we’ve added a new element to our family of agencies. Doing so helps our members offer an even greater range of products and services.

A history of innovation

Beginning with the launch of Technical Diving International (TDI) in 1994, ITI has found several ways to be different and better.

  • TDI is the world’s largest and most respected technical diver training agency. TDI offers more courses and more options than anyone else. We set the bar for rebreather, overhead environment and mixed-gas decompression diving.
  • in 1998, we broke new ground with Scuba Diving International (SDI). Doing so helped dispel long-held myths about solo diving, dive computers and eLearning.
  • In 2002, ITI launched Emergency Response Diving International. Today you will find ERDI courses taught in local, state and federal police, fire and public-safety departments. ERDI courses are also available in over 15 countries around the world.
  • At DEMA 2018, ITI launched First Response Training International. First Response Training provides dive professionals with the latest and most up-to-date materials for CPR, AED, O2 administration and bloodborne pathogens training. Equally important, it gives our members the ability to compete in an arena far larger than just diving.

A few other industry innovations…

First with Nitrox

First with Computers

First with Solo Diving

First with eLearning

And now PFI

By joining forces with Performance Freediving International (PFI), ITI continues its tradition of innovation. It makes sense to team up with such a highly recognized organization. After all, PFI is a trendsetter like the rest of International Training. Among its accomplishments:

  • PFI is the oldest freediving-specific agency in the Americas. They have the oldest formal freediving. course standards and procedures in the world. They have the experience necessary to develop and continue to create successful programs.
  • PFI is the leader in developing effective programs. Every agency in the world utilizes techniques developed by PFI. PFI has the knowledge and experience to continue developing such programs.
  • PFI emphasizes proper technique, even in entry-level courses. This builds a strong foundation on which students can advance their freediving abilities. Just getting to the plate isn’t enough. PFI wants you to get there and back safely.
  • With PFI, you learn from some of the top freediving instructors in the world. We don’t lower standards for instructor candidates. We build candidates up to our standards through a rigid but fun instructor learning environment that not only builds a candidates passion but prepares them to be thorough in their teaching.
  • PFI’s proven techniques have helped establish 23 world records and hundreds of national records.
  • The only agency whose instructors provide training for US, Canadian and British special forces.
  • PFI is the program used by top athletes for cross-training, such as Red Bull and US and Canadian Olympic team members.
  • PFI students get more in-water time than most. The recommendation for the Freediver course is two confined-water and two open-water sessions. For Intermediate Freediver, it is two confined-water and three open-water sessions.
  • PFI is continually evolving to create newer, safer and more productive techniques. The goal here is to open freediving to a broader audience.
  • PFI’s in-depth knowledge base stems from years of experience. PFI has been involved in numerous studies by universities and private organizations.

ITI wants its members to be able to offer programs which are highly respected and widely sought. We are proud to add PFI to the ITI family. By joining with ITI, PFI can further expand its global reach and the value it offers members. This starts with updated student and instructor materials, including brand-new eLearning programs.

Want to know how you can offer PFI programs? Call ITI World Headquarters or contact your local Regional Office or Regional Manager.

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