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In an effort to make instructor crossovers more profitable to our Course Directors and Instructor Trainers, we have an incentive program allowing a CD/IT to receive a portion of the crossover fee as compensation for conducting the program.

What does this mean to you as a CD or IT?  You can get more benefits out of your ratings by using our streamlined crossover process to make money and help grow the agency!

How the Incentive Program Works:

    • The crossover candidate pays the CD/IT for the total crossover fee (contact World HQ for current rates).
    • The CD/IT purchases an Instructor Pro Kit (221301G-01) from World HQ at best-level (PC5) pricing.
      • Be sure to purchase the kit prior to conducting the in-person session with the candidate.
      • Indicate to HQ that the kit is for a crossover and provide the candidate’s name and information.  This will ensure you get the appropriate pricing and that the correct elearning code is provided.
    • The CD/IT pays the current instructor registration fee upon submission of the candidate’s final paperwork.
    • The remainder of the crossover fee is kept as profit by the CD/IT.

Important Reminders:

    • The crossover candidate must have the Instructor Pro Kit and complete the Professional Familiarization eLearning Course before they can attend the in-person/webinar Crossover Session with the CD/IT.
    • The current crossover documents and PowerPoint can be accessed in the IT Resources section of your member profile.
      • Download these items from the IT Resources each time instead of saving them to your computer to ensure you have the most updated materials every time.
    • The Crossover Checklist will outline all information and documentation that needs to be submitted to World HQ for processing at the end of the crossover process.
    • For more information, or if it has been a while since you conducted your last crossover, please contact the Training Department for guidance on the process prior to conducting the course.


Pre-Course Considerations

    • Review the Crossover Course standard in the Leadership Standards section for each applicable agency.
    • Review the SDI Crossover Equivalency Table to see qualifying agencies for an administrative crossover.
      • If the agency is not listed, or the candidate is crossing over to TDI, ERDI, or PFI, please contact the Training Department for equivalency information.
    • Candidates requiring evaluation(s) for their crossover will need to work with a qualified Instructor Trainer for those ratings and may need to pay additional fees to the IT for their time involved with the evaluation.
    • Instructor courses for upgrades taught in conjunction with a crossover will incur additional registration fees.
    • Communicate with the regional representative for the candidate’s home territory so they are aware of the new member crossing in their region and can provide any necessary support.

What are you waiting for? Start crossing over new members today and make money doing it!

Not a Course Director or Instructor Trainer yet? International Training World HQ is hosting their next Instructor Trainer Workshop soon.

Instructor Trainers outside of the Americas please contact your regional office.



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